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To maintain passion fitness before 2025: Škofjeloš Passion Days



The days of the Škofjelo Passion began already at the beginning of the month with the Stations of the Cross in the branch churches of the Poljana Parish, which took place every Sunday of Lent. Various events are aimed at maintaining passion condition in the time until its reenactment.

The Škofjeloški Public Institute for the Organization of Events and Events 973, in cooperation with many other actors in Loška, ​​is preparing the traditional Škofjeloški Passion Days during Lent and Easter.

The central part of the events started today, when they put it on display in the Skofjelok nuns’ church passion crib, which represent scenes of Jesus’ suffering. On March 20, Father Andraž Arko will present films about the Passion of Christ from the silent film era, on March 22, there will be a Passion concert, and on March 25, the church in Crngrob will open an exhibition of art performances of scenes from the Passion cycle from the facade of the church.

It will be among the main events Passion Day On March 30, with the presentation of the new Passion Donets and the opening of the passion exhibition, which this time will be dedicated to the renewed costume design and scenography of the Škofjelo Passion. A day later, the Passion Evening will follow in Stara Loka, when local actors, singers and musicians, together with visiting Passionists from Poljani and Železniki, will bring to life selected scenes of the Škofjelok Passion.

A day with the butara giantessA variety of events are expected on April 1st, when there will be passion workshops for making butarica for Palm Sunday, flowers from crepe paper, dyeing pirches and modeling clay on the Town Square in Škofja Loka. There will also be a workshop and a tasting of Lenten dishes. On Cankarjev trg, Loška scouts will make a giant butaro. In the afternoon, a group from Štepanje vas will host a short performance of the Passion in Selce.

On April 6, they will be in the church of St. Martina in Poljane, members of the local cultural association participated as apostles in the Maundy Thursday ritual. On Good Friday, it will be held in the center of Škofja Loka way of the cross. On Monday, there will be an Easter concert in Selci. Finally, on April 14, the Capuchin brothers will prepare a lecture on the Passion message, and on April 22, the traditional Romuald’s Day with an open day of the monastery and a guided tour of the library, where the famous Škofjeloš Passion is kept.

Pandemic postponementThis year, the days of the Škofjeloš Passion will once again be fully devoted to socializing and maintaining passion fitness until the next performance of the passion. This should have been the year before, on the 300th anniversary of this oldest dramatic text in the Slovenian language, but the performance was canceled due to the pandemic. They are now planning that the next one will be in 2025 or 2026 at the latest, and at the end of this year they are expected to choose the project manager and director.

It is necessary to behave in accordance with UNESCOAt the press conference, they also pointed out the importance of Škofjeloški Passion’s involvement in international connections. As the coordinator of this international involvement said Jože Štukl from the Loka Museum, the Škofjelo passion has become the heritage of all humanity by being included in the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage, and it is necessary to behave accordingly. In this way, Štukl strives to make the Škofjeloš Passion something prestigious or boutique, and the interest in watching the performances would greatly increase.

Source: Rtvslo

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