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Pancho Reyes has released a spoiler for La Ley de Baltazar’s final stretch: ‘What’s left is the best’



Another letter would revolutionize Mega’s successful end-of-life Ad Portas story.

Balthazar’s law An unexpected success for Mega and most of its protagonists, its ending Pancho Reyes expected one that comes with a small spoiler.

A few days ago, Antonia, played by Daniela Ramírez, read a letter written by her mother about the fear she felt after finding out her sister Margarita was pregnant and the fear that Balthazar would abandon her.

In a live broadcast on Mega’s social network, Pancho Reyes said another mysterious letter would revolutionize history.

It all happened while he was in the rink and Ramirez was on screen, and that’s when the interpreter released the spoilers. “And another (letter) is coming!” Said.

“But Antonia will be cooler.” Daniela added that in the current episode, she also revealed that her character changes her attitude because the woman doesn’t forgive her father and aunt for having a child together.

“All that’s left is to see how the issues are resolved and it’s the best of melodrama. It works well and has a lot of emotion in it. Right,” Reyes said.

Source: Biobiochile

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