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They reveal cause of death of Octavio Ocaña, actor behind ‘the rich always humiliate the poor’ meme



The actor died in 2021, and nearly two years after the event, new expert opinion has revealed that Ocaña may have been murdered.

New details of the Mexican actor’s death were known this week Octavio Ocaña is known for the viral internet meme “The rich always shame the poor” He passed away in 2021 at the young age of 22.

As detailed by the media millenniuma new independent expert opinion requested by the Ocaña family, indicated discrepancies with the version distributed by the Mexican State Public Prosecutor’s Office.

So they concluded that the actor either committed suicide or accidentally shot himself with a .380 caliber weapon that he operated himself. New Results by Criminal Mauricio Recendis Assume Ocaña Would Have Been Assassinated .

“There is no fingerprint evidence of a .380 caliber weapon without an identification number determining its use, possession and operation by the deceased (the person who died violently),” said a report accessed by the outlet.

Octavio Ocaña’s death was not a suicide

In addition, Resendis argues that the weapon with which the murder would have been carried out corresponded to a higher caliber, not the one released by the Public Prosecutor’s Office. Additionally, no chemical evidence was found to determine that Ocaña handled weapons on the day he died.

therefore, This expert’s opinion concluded that “he did not perform any actions that were suicidal.” Octavio Ocaña.

The actor must remember that he was found in his truck after a car accident in October 2021, but the weapon explosion that ended his life was also recorded.

On the other hand, for details Universal, The family confirmed this expert’s opinion to be true. but they do not issue a statement in this regard.

“This is very sensitive information and we will not be making a statement. Thank you for your continued support. We inform you that the information is true, but we do not know how it reached the media ‘, they noted in a statement.

Source: Biobiochile

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