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Aj Vejvej recreated Monet’s water lilies with 650,000 Lego cubes



The Chinese artist has been creating works of art from colorful cubes for almost ten years

For some time, the Lego company has been offering packages that allow people to “build” Van Gogh’s Starry Night or Hokusai’s The Great Wave off Kanagawa. Well, Chinese artist Aj Vejvej has just set a new standard in combining Danish toys and art.

Aw Wow created a 15-meter version of one of the most famous works of the French impressionist Claude Monet for the purposes of the exhibition, which will be opened in April at the London Design Museum. For having composed a triptych Water lilies #1 (1914–26), he needed 650 thousand cubes and 22 different colors. The original work is currently on display at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Lego associate to pixels digital artsThe museum in a statement with the public underlines that they are Water lilies #1 the greatest work ever Aw ever composed of lego cube. Because the image, which consists of small angular cubes, is on someone way similar pixelswhich replaced Monet’s gentle brushstrokes, Aw with that suggests the use of modern digital technologies, which are in itself they eat of modern life, and how art often spreads in the modern world”.

Nature…but not unspoiledWith a triptych Water lilies (1914–26) Claude Monet tried to capture on canvas the magic of his garden in Giverny, far from Paris. Although we perceive work today like hymn beauty nature, but one must be aware like is for the portal ArtNews emphasized co-curator of the Rachel Hajek exhibition that the entire Monet scene is a “construct”. The pond and, in fact, the entire garden around it, was created by the artist by diverting and damming the nearby river.

In A's composition, the attentive viewer will notice the darkened part on the right side.  Photo: Design Museum/Ela Bialkowska/OKNO studio.  © Image copyright: Artist and Galleria Continua

For the Water Lily, he needed cubes in 22 different colors.  Photo: Design Museum/Ela Bialkowska/OKNO studio.  © Image copyright: Artist and Galleria Continua

Personal intervention to workAt Aye an attentive viewer of the composition will notice the darkened part on the right side. According to the Design Museum, this symbolically represents an underground dugout in the province Xinjiangwhere they are Aw Wow and his father, Aw Qing, lived in forced exile in the sixties. Or rather: “Their infernal desert home pierces the aquatic paradise,” like can be read in the statement for the public.

Lego distances itself from any activismIn addition to the reconstruction of Monet, it will Aw he also presented his work for the first time at this exhibition Untitled (The Lego Incident) – he assembled it from thousands lego cube, which were given to him by people. He began accepting donations when Lego rejected his order for a large number of bricks he planned to use for a work on political dissidents in 2015. At the time, Lego said they were not selling their product to anyone who intended to use it to make a political statement, the BBC reported at the time.

Ouch Weiwei: Making Sensethe largest Ajeva exhibition in Great Britain for the last eight years, will bring together Ajave works of art and thousands of objects that the 65-year-old artist collected from the 1990s onwards. Among them are 1,600 pieces of Stone Age tools, cannonballs from the Chinese Song Dynasty (960-1279), porcelain shards from the artist’s destroyed studio in China, and of course Lego.

The exhibition will focus on the tension between tradition and modernity. A vivid example of this clash is, for example, a clock from the Han Dynasty (about 200 BC), on which the artist added the Coca-Cola inscription. The exhibition, which will be open from April 7 to July 30, will also feature several outdoor installations.

A toy of endless possibilitiesAw Lego he has been using them in his artistic practice since 2014, when he started using them to compose portraits of political prisoners. In 2017, they are in the museum Hirshhorn exhibited 176 of them in Washington lego art. “I love that these dice are so basic,” the artist commented to The Washington Post at the time. “Anyone can play with them.”

Source: Rtvslo

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