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Victoria Pedretti publishes nude photos, accuses ‘well-known actor’ of sexual harassment



The actress revealed a few days ago that a “famous actor” disrespected her by saying he masturbated while thinking of her.

American actress Victoria Pedretti had a lot to talk about during the last few days of her birthday Published nude images, pointing to ‘famous actor’ who once confessed to masturbating thinking of her .

Along with the image she published on March 23 and deleted by Instagram for violating SNS rules, Love Quinn (you) interpreter, He said he came across the topic on his birthday last year. did not disclose its name.

“What is partial nudity? Last year on my birthday, a famous actor at a party came to me and said, “I masturbated many times thinking about you.” he said.

He also added, “I stayed in shock with that audacity This was after I expressed how much I admired myself as an actress. smile”.

“Sometimes I enjoy humility, other times I don’t. It’s a joke to think that my own humility protects me from the contempt I might experience towards a woman’s body. And also clap my body. I love you. You are mine,” he added later.

Now, the actress has also revealed that, according to what she said, she had a confrontation with an actor who didn’t want to reveal her identity. Instagram story.

I don’t have to ruin his career just because he said something silly to me. That post started just because I wanted to upload naked‘, he revealed.

but he pointed out the defendant had been warned of his actions “I told this person that if I ever heard anything about him, I would have a problem. I can deal with it,” he said. rice field.

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