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Daniela Salazar and Balta Berdugo are celebrating four years as twins



The couple celebrated their adorable twins Abraham and Solomon on their birthdays. "cars".

The couple celebrated adorable twins Abraham and Solomon with a “Cars” party.

This weekend, the former TV presenter Balthazar Berdugo and his wife Daniela Salazar They celebrated their twins’ fourth birthday Abraham and SolomonIn the company of her family and close friends, including a former Miss El Salvador and a businessman Maria Luisa Vicuna.

The couple shared pictures of the celebration on social networks, where they are celebrating The triumph of his familywhich seems to be superior A case of domestic violence increased in 2020 and for which they even made a public explanation on television.

In addition, Daniela, who today calls herself the “Cachimbona” ​​woman, is in the midst of a campaign of expectations, which she has shown on her social networks, through gigantographies on the streets, and which, according to her followers, could be about Candidacy for deputy or mayor in the next elections. He only said that he will work in the sector womenadults and children.

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Source: Diario.Elmundo

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