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The Slovenian Philharmonic is already thinking about the next season: classical works meet modern masterpieces



The Slovenian Philharmonic presented a rich program of musical content for the new concert season 2023/2024

At the press conference, the Slovenian Philharmonic presented the new events of its extensive musical activity, which appeals to the different tastes of music lovers with individual subscription cycles.

As the director and artistic director of the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra wrote in his address in the program booklet of the 2023/2024 season, “already used sets of philharmonic subscriptions (…) intertwined in the most diverse possible ways with the desire that every listener, by purchasing a subscription, can VIPSMS or FKK chooses predominantly well-known and ‘popular’ music, but at the same time, with the additional purchase of an SOS or PVC subscription, at only half the price, it enters the world of newer music, which together with the choir’s artistic director, Gregor Klančič, pays special attention to. We both want to present to the audience, in addition to a series of classical masterpieces, also top works created in our time, in the time in which we live.

A look back and a step into the new seasonThe successes, selected and most beautiful moments of the current season, which probably still resonate in the memory of many listeners and performers, were vividly brought to life by the Slovenian Philharmonic once again with the screening of a film entitled Let I’ll tell you how it waswhich was produced by Primož Zevnik based on the script by Matej Šarc.

The new concert season was presented Matej Šarcdirector and artistic director of the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra, Gregor Klančičartistic director of the Choir of the Slovenian Philharmonic, and Franci Krevh, artistic director of Family Subscription. As mentioned, the subscription cycles of the new season offer a wide range of selected, inspiring, inviting and diverse concert events.

You will also be able to watch most of the subscription concerts in live broadcasts on the Ars program.

Two subscriptions to the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra (SMS and FKK) will be dedicated to top symphonic works. Cycle The mighty songs themselves (SMS) with this year’s title For big moves is dedicated to recreating great symphonic works, and will host many renowned domestic and foreign guests, such as Urška Križnik Zupan, Douglas Boyd, Gordan Nikolic, Céline Flamenco, Boris Brovcin and other top musicians. After a successful collaboration with the Slovenian Philharmonic last season, the subscription will be opened by maestro Charles Dutoit, and at the last concert of the series, he will perform with the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra for the first time after the extraordinary success of 2021 at the Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw Alexander Gadjiev. The program will include symphonic and concert works by mainly romantic composers.

The scheme of five concert cycles, to which the Family subscription was added, was introduced in the Slovenian Philharmonic by the current director Matej Šarc.  Photo: Darja Štravs Tisu

Cycle Philharmonic classical concerts (FKK) with Title For polished will begin with a virtuoso Belgian trumpeter Jerome Berwaertsem, who will perform, among other things, two new Slovenian pieces by Nina Šenk and Vito Žuraj. As part of the subscription, the barely fifteen-year-old will perform with the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra Patricija Avšič, an up-and-coming violinist who has impressed in recent years at international violinist competitions in Belgium, Russia and Hungary. Alexander will also join the orchestra during the season LonquichGrete Pedersen, Wayne Marshall, Toby Thatcher and other interesting guests.

V Vocal-instrumental program (VIP) will perform Orchestra and the Choir of the Slovenian Philharmonic, as the title suggests For something of each, and offered a wide range of diverse musical experiences. Together with the soloists, they will recreate the great works of Bach, Vivaldi, Bruckner and Dvořák. The cycle will begin with a concert that will be conceived by the friendship between our composer and music critic Pavlo Mihelčič and the Czech composer Peter Ebony. The first performance will see two of Mihelčič’s works, including a cantata Slovenian Magnificat, which the composer dedicated to his late wife. During the season, the choir and orchestra will be joined by guest conductors Philipp von Steinaecker, Federico Maria SardinesHolger Speck and Hossein Pishkar.

Cycle Contemporary Orchestral Compositions (SOS) following a familiar pattern, he connects the compositions of the past with the musical pieces of the present, this time he is accompanied by a conductor For bold. It offers visitors a slightly different listening experience that touches on the current topics of modern society, while at the same time introducing listeners to new musical works that are often neglected in today’s concert activity. At each concert of the cycle, compositions by Slovenian composers will also be played: Matej Bonin, Larisa Vrhunc, Lojzeta Lebiča and Janez Matičič. The third concert of the cycle will be particularly solemn, marking the 90th anniversary of the honorary member of the Slovenian Philharmonic, Academician Lojze Lebič. The cycle will also be accompanied in the new season Saturdays educational matinees (SIM) and after the concert socializing with composers and performers.

Also in Mainly vocal cycle (PVC) with Title For selected many more modern choral works by both foreign and Slovenian composers will be performed, pre-concert and the conversations will bring the music program even closer to the listeners. At the first concert of the cycle, compositions by German composers will be complemented by the works of three Slovenian composers: Nina Šenk, Nana Forte and Thaddeus Vulc. The third concert of the cycle will also be Slovenian in nature, where we will listen to a selection of vocal works by the composer and conductor Ambrož Čopi, who will conduct the Slovenian Philharmonic Choir himself. They will also be possible as part of the PVC cycle after the concert socializing with composers and performers.

With their cycles, the Slovenian Philharmonic will continue the subscription scheme in which they offer large orchestral works, contemporary compositions, vocal-instrumental works and choral a cappella music.  The Family Subscription concerts will be repeated each time in the 2023/24 season.  Photo: Darja Štravs Tisu

Let’s go to nature! With this motto, the Slovenian Philharmonic with moderated concerts catered for the youngest. Family subscription (YES!) will have repeat appointments due to extreme interest. With the motto, this time he will put composers and their relationship with nature in the foreground.

The month of January will be in Slovenian the philharmonic hall has traditionally been dedicated to baroque music – this will be the new season 9. Philharmonic Festival of Baroque Music with three concerts: Four Seasons, Viola all`inglese and Praise to the Almighty. Orchestra and the Choir of the Slovenian Philharmonic will perform with local and foreign artists.

This year’s season has not yet closed its subscription doors On Friday, May 26, as part of the sixth PVC subscription concert, the Choir of the Slovenian Philharmonic will perform with organist Tomaž Sevško under the direction of Dutch conductor Petr Dijkstra. He will be at a concert on the first and second of June FKK 5 Orchestra The Slovenian Philharmonic hosted a Lithuanian conductor Giedre Šlekytė and a Korean violinist Jiyoon Lee. There will be a concert series on June 9 VIP offered one last event, at which the Assembly and Orchestra The Slovenian Philharmonic was led by an Estonian conductor Risto Joostthe soprano soloists will also perform Nina Dominkaa mezzo-soprano Nushka Draščektenorist Martin Sušnik and a baritone player Domain Križaj. The subscription season will conclude on June 15 and 16 as part of the SMS 6 concert Orchestra The Slovenian Philharmonic with our famous conductor Marko Letonja.

In the summer months, the Slovenian Philharmonic will offer several more concerts experiences. On June 30, an orchestra led by Simon Krečič and Jadranka Juras will perform the Koper Symphony in Koper.

It will be part of the Ljubljana Festival Orchestra He performed with the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra three times: on July 10 with the conductor Vasilij Petrenkothe soloist will be pianist Simon Trpčeski, on July 19 with soprano Sondra Radvanovskytenor Piotr Beczało and conductor Gianluca Marcianò, and on August 29 with a baritone Ludovico Teziertenor Jonathan Tetelmans and conductor Marco to the Bohemians.

Source: Rtvslo

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