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Inland Revenue Sues ‘Parived’ and 24 Others in Caso Relojes



This spiritual guide, on a list distributed by the Internal Revenue Service, denounces the potential for tax crimes that covert trade poses, including tax filing and non-payment.

he Internal Revenue Service (yes) It sued Marco Antonio López, better known as “Parivedo,” and 24 others who were allegedly involved in the famous “incident surveillance.” considering the possibility that a tax crime was committed.

In a press release accessed by BioBioChile, the company explained that it conducted a tax audit on the defendants in this case and determined that: Tax crimes related to secret trade in stolen seeds can occur.

So, they point out, SII originally filed complaints against the six. However, after “new data was revealed in the investigation of the Ministry of Public Security”, The agency has decided to file charges against all those involved.

Similarly, the entity has provided a list of people under investigation for whom spiritual guides appear. The complaint was filed with the Court of First Guarantee in Santiago . As of now, the lawsuit is still pending.

Specifically, SII denounces tax crimes brought about by secret trade. Failure to comply with legal requirements for tax reporting and payment We have investigated some of the products that may have been brought in by the so-called “Case Reloger”, a network of illicit trade in jewelry and watches.

If found guilty, the defendant could pay a fine of “50% to 400% of the amount evaded.” They are in danger of being imprisoned.

The 25 people accused by SII have already been formally identified by the public prosecutor’s office on suspicion of illegal trade. “The service will add to the complaint filed in September 2022 with the filing of criminal complaints against all parties involved in the tax crime of secret trading in stolen seeds,” the group said. .

Caso Relojes: The case that brought ‘Parived’ to the public eye

Earlier this year, PDI officials raided the home where Lopez lived with her current partner, cheerleader Tonka Tomicic. So, ‘Parived’ remained a defendant in the ‘Case Watches’ investigation.

In February, the spiritual guru addressed the accusations against himself for the first time, stating, “For many years, A kind of fetish was created various embellishments were attached to me and my name was associated with a series of events and circumstances that made the news in the media.

Regarding the investigation itself, Parivedo said despite the fact that the Public Prosecutor’s Office launched the investigation in 2017: He had never been summoned to make a statement before “Either before the Public Ministry, the Investigative Police, or the Chilean Carabinero”.

“They waited nearly six years to officially recognize me. without any background except speculation , the prosecutor sought an arrest warrant against me for discriminatory and unequal treatment after raiding my parents’ home. Everything is in the hands of justice at this time and there is no established truth,” he warned.

Source: Biobiochile

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