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‘People give the right to vote’: Nehme criticizes Iquiqueños ban to mark May 21



Journalists spent several minutes this morning talking about the issue, which President Boric also needed to clarify.

No public entry for viewing the memorial ceremony Battle of Iquique On May 21, 2019, he joined a major controversy that broke out in the capital, Tarapaka. Jose Antonio Neme .

The inconvenience came after access to the shoreline was restricted to watch the parade, a situation the mayor blamed on the president’s back and forth.

Meanwhile, President Gabriel Boric apologized to the Iquiqueños, warning of “consequences” after the controversial security team’s decision.

José Antonio Neme: ‘It’s the people who give you the right to vote’

During Mucho Gusto in the morning, Jose Antonio Neme Greetings to the Chilean Navy, seizing the opportunity to criticize.

“Pity the people of Iquique who didn’t let her through. Why didn’t they let the people through?” he said.

in the meantime, Karen Doggenweiler He recalled “a (viña) gala that did not allow people to pass”.

Nehme took the floor to speak more outspokenly. “It is the people who give the vote, it is the people who support your program, not politicians, parties, institutions or the people,” he said.

“So people don’t ignore me anymore because in Iquique they were very, very angry,” he added.

Doggenweiler stressed that “the families of the authorities were very seated, but the people who wanted to see this… this is everyone’s party,” and hoped the experience could be learned. continued.

Meanwhile, President Boric also spoke. In an interview with Radio Nostalgica, the president said, “I apologize to the people of Iquique for this omission of the parade, because it was not my order, much less my will.” I acknowledged that That’s a big concern for me. “

“I fully share the annoyance of the people of Iquiqueño and it is unacceptable that Iquique residents who have permanently participated in an act of public gathering are deprived of their participation,” he said.

Source: Biobiochile

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