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OMG… get ready to see Johnny Depp’s scary teeth



The actress tried not to show her teeth.  / Photos: AFP

The actress tried not to show her teeth. / Photos: AFP

actor Johnny Depp, 59 years oldBack in the limelight Cannes Film Festival in France where he presents his film “Jeanne Dubar”in which he plays Louis XV But that’s where we found her measured smile that he refused to prevent teething.

however, Photographers captured the moment And at an angle to discover that his teeth, which are almost like those of a medieval or one of his mythical characters, a pirate. A sparrow. Neglect of its dental parts caused it Itching and anxiety among his admirers.

This is how the former Hollywood heartthrob revealed that one or more of his upper teeth may be dead, that is, without nerves, which is the reason for their yellowish color. In addition, the lower teeth also show their deterioration, not to mention the bad smell! Why doesn’t a millionaire actor take care of his teeth?

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Source: Diario.Elmundo

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