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Daniela Campos’ ex-husband sues model for slander and slander: seeks jail time



Her ex-husband’s lawsuit mostly points to Mr. Campos’ participation in the Podemos Habral plan, and it is certain that Mr. Campos has accused him of various crimes, including one that got him fired in 2022. .

Daniela Campos’ ex-partner and daughter’s father, Esteban Caldentei, has sued the model for insults and defamation after Campos’ series of statements in the press and on television, for which he was fined millions of dollars. and demand a prison sentence. 3 years in prison.

According to the complaint to which he had access, bio bio chili finished power of attorneyCaldentey has initiated legal action for the following reasons: After the Campos case ended, he was accused of domestic violence.

In the document, he pointed out that they both got married in 2013, but “shortly after living together.” I got to know Daniela’s true character.” . Citing a series of psychological reports filed in November 2021, the branch points out why she initiated the divorce.

In the aforementioned report, Fields said:have a narcissistic personality and boundaries or boundaries that greatly hinder their emotional relationship. ”

The document also recalls an investigation into the events that took place in February 2021, which were officially sanctioned after Mr. Campos and Mr. Caldentei participated in a discussion related to domestic violence that ended with minor injuries.

New charges against Daniela Campos

In this regard, Mr. Caldentei admits that Mr. Campos has filed a lawsuit on charges of: Minor bodily injury related to domestic violence, habitual abuse and “a crime contemplated under Section 161A of the Penal Code for several videos on surveillance cameras showing her abusive behavior towards my daughter and me.”

These three offenses were dismissed outright by the Department of Civil Service In addition to closing the investigation, we communicated our decision not to proceed with the proceedings on August 18, 2022,” he clarified.

However, Daniela Campos’ former partner He claims she used the media to consistently hold him accountable for these accusations.

“Because the defendant was a well-known character in national show business, He has used social media to expose aspects of his public life and, unfortunately, his private life as well. accuse.

And even while the lawsuit was ongoing, Campos assured the nation that he was a victim of domestic violence – physical, financial, sexual and psychological – during his eight years of marriage. He denies.

Similarly, after the completion of this procedure in 2022, Campos reiterated his situation on the show in March this year. we can talk.

Campos Quotations

He then asserted that his marriage ended “on the issue of violence” and also asserted:I think I have experienced several types of violence, not just one Because when people talk about domestic violence, they always think of beatings, and domestic violence involves millions of things. “

“He’s clearly indicting me for repeat abuse and minor bodily injury related to domestic violence. Just like the previous criminal case.” complainant points out.

In space, Cardenti argues:he also accused me of economic aggression , which was also part of the aforementioned criminal investigation, a fact he could never prove. “

Campos’ former partner highlights another moment in the episode. Mr Campos also asserted that he was involved in an arrest in El Tabo earlier this year.

The journalist further asserted that the daughter was in her father’s hands after the charges against her, denouncing: “He took advantage of it a second time and made me disappear for a week.” .

Defendant endlessly badmouths me on social media It had a lot of national influence and accused me of being completely untrue. As pointed out, in most cases these facts are already known and resolved by the courts,” he points out.

Calls for jail time and fines for ex-model

with all accusations, Caldentei wants Campos to pay 50UTM (approximately 3 million pesos or more) offense of defamation through social media.

Also, regarding insults through SNS, Seeking sentence of three years in prison for junior high school student a fine of 150 UTM (approximately 9 million 500 thousand pesos), plus an additional 50 UTM.

BioBioChile attempted to contact Daniela Campos without success. until now, Communicator did not openly mention this complaint .

Source: Biobiochile

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