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‘I almost died from sepsis’: Cristina Tocco on her painful loss during her first pregnancy



An interpreter reported that her pregnancy was considered non-viable at 3 months. However, she had to continue her pregnancy until her death in her womb.

Actress Christina Tocco opened up about motherhood and the difficult moments she experienced during her first pregnancy. He felt lost and even declared that he might die too.

Tocco shared on the program with Gonzalo Fayt, Constanza Lewin and Eduardo de la Iglesia sacred foodThere he had them as his guests and he talked about different aspects of his life.

In that branch, he said he wanted to talk about his family, pointing out:At 34, I decided to become a mother. Because I was not yet very committed to my husband and I had financial problems of a different nature. “

However, he affirmed: “At some point, the need outweighed any other challenge, and I said, “Now, all I need is to have a child, please.”

“I’m pregnant, But I’m starting to feel some problems.” Toko said. In it, the actress recalled, “They gave me a terrible diagnosis and told me I had an encephalocele, which means I had an open head and an open head.” There is no chance of the baby surviving. ” .

Specifically, I received this news when I was three months pregnant. In any case, her pregnancy continued “because a therapeutic abortion was not accepted.”

“Because it’s horrible, The pregnancy continues, but I know there will be no results.” laments.

“In a tragedy, and this is not a harsh term, we were lucky that he ended his life four-and-a-half months later,” he said.

But his departure also affected her.I almost died from sepsis Because he passed away on Friday and I had an ultrasound on Monday. “

The doctor’s face turned pale and he took me inside to clean everything up. . If Echo hadn’t touched me that day, I might have died too,” he said.

After four years without conception, at the age of 38, Tocco declared that a tarot reader in Buenos Aires had given her good news. “I took a test and it was like that,” she said. I was scared, but my son was born in perfect condition. ” Said.

Source: Biobiochile

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