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‘We asked Adriana Barrientos to introduce us’: Ignatia Michelson talks about meeting Marcianeke



The influencer reported that the singer repeatedly asked the models to present them, but without success. It all finally came to fruition with the former Acapulco Shore defending him on social networks.

Influencer Ignatia Michelson shared how she met her current partner, urban singer Matthias Muñoz, better known as Marcianeke, through her social networks. “I always told Adriana Barrientos to introduce us.”

When Michelson was interacting with his followers on Instagram, I was consulted about meeting with the voice of what’s happening the former is Acapulco coast He wanted to talk about his experience.

“Mattie always introduced us to Adriana Barrientos or said to her, ‘What’s wrong with Michaelson?'” he replied. public meter.

I didn’t fish much there because he was in a relationship,” he assured, initially implying that the musicians were the main stakeholders.

“So I ended that relationship and they were just doing a show together, so I couldn’t go. I defended him with something and started talking there. ” he also looked back.

Finally a conversation started on social networks. According to Michelson himself, since that defense, “We met on Instagram.”

In April of this year, Michelson was confronted with comments that his relationship with the singer was merely for interest, and also clarified, “My family.” I’ve gotten used to being someone who always has money.” .

I’m tired of people who say they stay with me for Matty’s wallet . Let me be clear, my family has a lot of money. I’m not as good as them, but I’m doing very well,” he said live.

In that branch he affirmed:I don’t want to be with someone out of curiosity Because if I was with someone out of curiosity, believe me, I wouldn’t be with Matty. I want to leave with sugar daddies in Ibiza, Europe and Dubai. “

And the reality of the former Chika revealed that she had the voice of party in townBecause I really like you, because we really hit it off he is my complement “

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