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Bautista Vicuña tells how she keeps the memory of her sister Blanca alive: ‘I think of her a lot’



Bautista was four years old when her sister died in 2012, but her memory remains in his memory.

Bautista Vicuna He was four years old when his younger sister Blanca died of hemorrhagic pneumonia after contracting a bacteria while vacationing in Mexico. One of the siblings with whom she has the most memories, he told how he spent her father’s book launch.

The 15-year-old teenager attended an international book fair in Argentina with his father, Benjamin Vicuña. Blanka, the girl who wanted to fly in the skya tribute to a girl who died in 2012 at the age of six.

In the pages, the Chilean actor talks about the grieving process of losing his daughter and how he lived with Pampita.

At the end of the event, Bautista Vicuña spoke on the Argentinian program Socios del Espectacro about how happy and proud she was of her parents. “I have no words to thank you. I really love you,” he admitted.

He also admitted that he thought so when he saw his father talk about his sister. “I’m so excited. I’m so happy for him, we’ve talked about it a lot, we’ve shared a lot, and I love him so much.” .

“[Every time I remember Blanca]I get emotional and think about her a lot,” he admitted.

He also said a message was written on a balloon that was launched a few days ago in memory of his sister.

“I always write to Blanca that I miss her so much, that I love her, that I remember her, that I hold her in my heart, everything,” she added.

Bautista Vicuña: ‘Blanca loved me so much’

Earlier, the teenager spoke out about his sister at the reality show premiere. Because it is pampita, Made by Paramount. “I remember that Blanca loved me very much and she was good to me.”

“Because[in remembrance]popping balloons is a way to send him a good message. We love her and miss her. For me, Blanca is They always look after us,” recalled Bautista Vicuna.

At the launch of the book on May 14, Vicuna received applause, public support and affection, where she also recounted her experience.

“It’s the children’s fault in the first place who have to open the curtains in the morning. I’ll give you a conceptual, theoretical and practical example. I swore I would never set foot in a hospital again and left the hospital with my dead daughter. However, the vow lasted for two weeks. He also had to go when his son had a bronchospasm. ” said the actor.

Source: Biobiochile

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