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Coni Piccoli points out ‘anxiety’ after moving to Italy: ‘Chile causes me fear’



The correspondent settled in the country a few months ago. She affirms that she feels safer living there.

A few months ago Koni Piccoli He admitted that he had acquired property in southern Italy, which enabled him to settle there, especially in the town of Paola. In the final hours, communicators compared perceptions of safety within Europe and within Chile.

This was in response to a question a follower asked her through her Instagram account, where the singer also developed the idea.

“In Chile, I am afraid to walk or drive. But certainly Chile is scary. Not here, nothing. ” Express.

Piccoli later reported on the activity in the city where she now lives, adding that she felt more frightened in Santiago.

“Here (Italy) driving at night is nothing, without the slightest pain. We walked late into the night and never once felt frightened. Life is different here. But I think it’s scary to go outside in Santiago.” commented.

Notably, Koni Piccoli had a door slamming accident on her way to her home about a year ago, which left her traumatized.

“Because of the trauma they threw at me a year and a half ago, it must be the same. Almost two years it was too traumatic for me. But we are there,” he concluded.

At that time, anti-social forces stole his car. “To everyone who asked me questions, I just want to say thank you for your concern. I’ve received a lot of love in the last few hours, so I’m very happy,” he said at the time.

Source: Biobiochile

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