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Vin Diesel working on all-female ‘Fast and Furious’ spinoff



Vin Diesel has confirmed that he is working on a spin-off starring the women of ‘Fast and Furious’.

Actor Vin Diesel stars in this story “fast and furious” announced that it is preparing several spin-off films that will explore the fate of Dominic Toretto and his family.

In this regard, the 55-year-old interpreter revealed that he is planning several films that seek to expand the narrative universe.

Vin Diesel confirms spin-off for women

“I started developing a female spin-off. There will be other spin-offs in 2017, and the sooner we deliver the ending, the sooner we can start all spin-offs,” he said. . variety.

Though the idea hasn’t materialized yet, it could be a female-led movie, like the female version of Ocean’s Eleven. In fact, Michelle Rodriguez, who plays Letty Ortiz, admitted she expected women to get more prominence in the series.

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“It’s not that women aren’t good at taking care of film. We’ve already shown it a thousand times,” he said long ago.

Meanwhile, in a big surprise, the spin-off is rumored to star Meadow, the daughter of Paul Walker, who has a cameo in ‘Fast X’. According to Michelle Rodriguez, she “provides an energy within the series that never goes away, so as long as we’re doing it, we have to keep it going,” she said. person magazine .

In this regard, Diesel revealed at the premiere in Rome that the film would not only be split into two parts, but a trilogy. “The studio asked if we should make it a two part … When the studio saw this, they said, ‘FastX, can you make the last chapter a trilogy?'” he said.

Similarly, the latest film has grossed approximately $318.9 million worldwide since its premiere. Similarly, the latest movie Fast and Furious (2017) $541.9 million and Rage 7 The film grossed $397.6 million and ended up being the last film starring Paul Walker.

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