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Tita Ureta confirms departure from Channel 13 and arrival at Mega: ‘It’s going to be very intense’



A journalist arrives at the cue with two projects. There, the new season of La Ruta del Agua begins. “I’m not nervous because I feel like I’ve been building this road for over ten years,” she said.

Journalist and influencer Isidora “Tita” Ureta has made the leap from Channel 13 to Mega. There she will serve as the new face of the channel and will have her own space both on her weekends and in the mornings. nice to meet you, bring the program waterway.

in a conversation with bio bio chili Ureta clarified, “Mega gives me the opportunity to showcase what I love and what I am passionate about and that brings culture to television as well as entertainment.”

“For me, this is a tremendous challenge. I would like to accept it in the best possible way and do my best . Being Viña’s ambassador was a great show. I think this year has been kind of a starting point and I think they’re delivering results,” she asserted.

Mr. Ureta explained the project he did with Channel 13: waterway Dear Mega, there is also a new program that will appear around the corner. green route, It goes hand in hand with sustainability. ” .

But what Ureta is most excited about about the new program is:You have a face that I admire very much , we partner with production companies that also have great professionals. “

Regarding the program, he also said the space is “not just for Chile, This is also a foreign one, for example a program of more than 12 chapters. , that’s what I’m used to doing in the culture. So I’m happy and excited for this to begin, for the adventure to begin. “

Regarding the new season waterwayUrata asserts. Currently recording in parallel with his new project.

On the other hand, for recording green route Against Chile, Ureta said Wednesday would be the start of the season. So he explains: “I plan to travel to the north of the country to find out the story of life, to find out the story of sustainability.” , those who are very connected to our element and the planet, both at home and abroad. ”

Before coming to Mega, Tita Ureta was on Channel 13, where in addition to travel shows, text gameTo commemorate the revival of the talk show, Proposal he does not close the door.

“I think the best thing about my career as a journalist is that I get to show all sides of myself. I love culture and I love entertainment, so I think I would be happy too if I was given the chance to show all my sides. ” Said.

“I have just returned from vacation. Tomorrow (Tuesday) is my first day at work after many months and many business trips. after that, At 2am that same night, we headed north to record. ” he added.

Of his meticulous plan, he affirmed:It’s going to be very intense, but that’s how I approach my work. : Do it with love, do it with affection. It will be shown on the screen later. “

I feel like I’ve built this path for over 10 years, so I’m not nervous. To have a production company knocking on my channel door and now that they’re calling me to do a project like this is to me it’s the most beautiful thing that could happen to me. It’s like, I’m so excited,” she concluded.

Source: Biobiochile

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