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César Antonio Santis in critical condition in hospital: clinic updates animator status



The animators could not have presented an improvement in the last few hours. His condition is “stable within seriousness”.

Last Sunday, the entertainer revealed Cesar Antonio Santis After a successful career in television, he was admitted to a clinic at the University of Los Andes. The health department updated his health status.

In a statement, the agency said: “The symptoms are stable within the severity range and are being treated appropriately.” By the team at the Adult Critical Care Unit. “

According to what was said by The third The host, who had been away from television for decades, entered the venue on May 10 due to poor health. Bowel obstruction.

However, after several days, his condition did not improve, and he had to be admitted to the aforementioned ward and monitored.

Cesar Antonio Santis stepped away from TV

A TV entertainer and radio host who hosted the Viña del Mar Festival from 1968 to 1970, he left television in 2000 to focus on his private business.

After a brief three-year stint, Santis returned to his role as host of the Radio Oasis show Como siempre. After that, he made announcements for the Chilean Air Force during military parades until 2017.

Since that day, however, the TV host has clearly stepped away from the public eye to take over the Italian restaurant La Familia de Santis, but before the pandemic began in 2019, the entertainer was put on hold indefinitely. decided to close.

Source: Biobiochile

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