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After Augusto Gongola’s death, his daughter shares a touching memory image with Augusto Gongola: ‘My great fish’



The communicator’s daughter also dedicated an inspiring message to him on social networks.

died last Friday Augusto Gongola, A prominent journalist who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease in his later years. From that moment on, there were several acquaintances who respected him.

This has happened in the last few hours his daughter Javiera who dedicated publications to him through social networks. In that space she posted a photo of her when she was a little girl.

Accompanied by this short text: “So forever. My Big Fish”.

As expected, the photo generated a lot of reaction via Twitter, with many greeting the woman and remembering the communicator.

In honor of Augusto Gongola

We have to remember that last weekend something like this happened. Paulina Urrutia She dedicated a farewell message to her husband, whom she has taken care of in recent years.

“I am deeply grateful for the love, and let me tell you that all this support is very important (…) I want to thank journalism because journalism is full of respect and love. Because it was a connection,” she commented.

“From my union (theater), from Life Project, I am canceling a show for the first time. I am touched by the love and support they have given me during this time. It is documented,” he added. rice field.

“His story shows that a person is in the prime of life and must be loved not only for what they have, but also for their instability and vulnerability,” he concludes tearfully. rice field.

The former president attended the wake of journalists Michelle Bachelet A loving salutation to an outstanding actress who was a member of the cabinet during her first presidential term.

Source: Biobiochile

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