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Jose Soza sues Chilean producer, accuses him of being fired ‘because of his age’



Chilean actor José Soza has filed a labor lawsuit against Altiro Films, accusing him of being unfairly dismissed for preparing the film La contadora de películas.

A preparatory hearing for the labor trial faced by the actor was scheduled for May 31. Jose Sosa for local producers Altiro Films accuses him of violating fundamental rights in his dismissal from the film “Film Accountant” .

the facts go back 2021 When an interpreter of 76 years Participated in the casting of a movie adaptation of a popular novel by. Hernan Rivera Leterrier brings together the co-productions of Altiro Films, Selenium Films, Contracorrientes Films .

In the story, Soza plays Don Nolasco , according to the actor’s attorney, the character had the features of an elderly person. The recordings were to take place in various communes in the Antofagasta region, and the actor had begun rigorous preparations for this.

Already on set for the character’s first scene, Souza met the film director. Lorne Sherfig, who later sent him several notes about his character. A few days later, he was called in to shoot a scene with the main character in a feature film, but the next day things took a turn for the worse.

It was there when I learned over the phone that they were going to get by without his services. given reason? Don Nolasco’s personality changed, taking on more young male characteristics.The role I am currently playing is an actor. Paul Schwartz .

According to interpreting lawyers Claudio Fuentes and Ariel Rossel: “This decision caused the plaintiff great grief and discomfort, and made him feel useless because of his age. , because this was the only reason they omitted the service. “

According to the two, “The contract clearly stated that a certain amount of compensation would be paid if José Miguel Soza’s services were to be omitted, but due to negotiation issues, the contract could not be signed. I couldn’t.” Contract that stipulates the above. ” In any case, they clarified the plaintiff. “Meets all legal requirements to be considered an Altiro Films employee” .

After a mediation meeting between the parties, Soza and Altiro Films did not reach an agreement. In the artist’s defense, the company acknowledged the existence of a contractual connection, but said there were differences as to its origin.

Jose Soza vs. Altiro Films in ‘Violation of Fundamental Rights’

in a dialogue with bio bio chili Rosell explained the arguments behind the lawsuit: “First of all, when there is discrimination based on age, dismissal is a violation of basic rights. He argues that the dismissal was unjust and that there was a breach of procedure. ” detail.

In this vein, labor lawsuits seek violations of basic rights of producers, nullity of dismissal, and collection of profits. Plaintiffs’ notice did not go into effect, but was published in the Federal Gazette on May 2, ahead of a preliminary hearing scheduled for May 31.

was consulted by bio bio chili Altiro Films assures that it has not been notified of any legal action, and excludes any wrongdoing regarding its employment relationship with the actor.

“There was a change of actors because when the director was working with José Soza he came to the conclusion that he wanted to work with another actor, but nothing else. His replacement was Pablo Schwartz. We spoke with Jose Soza’s lawyers and they said they were going to sue, but nothing happened,” they point out.

“We never got an answer again and knew nothing about this subject…I am very surprised. The lawyers hired for this case did not receive any notice, what we did was pay Jose Soza for the days he worked and that is the equivalent,” he commented.

“There was a preliminary hearing last year, after which I was told that there would be a labor lawsuit…. No one notified us.” the producer emphasized that he regrets that his relationship with Soza has come this far.

Altiro Films has denied that there was anything wrong with the artiste during Soza’s days at work, and has professed to still admire Soza. “We made the piece up north and knew we were working with top-notch actors.” they point out.

“This[change of actor]is basically because the director didn’t see the character. Everyone applauded him that day and she walked up to him and said, “Thank you, Don Jose.” He was due to receive his second summons, but he was never summoned. There was a moment when the director said, ‘Let’s find an actor,’ but Don Jose got in touch and that was it,” they added.

The end of the story will begin to be revealed next Wednesday, May 31, when both parties must appear via Zoom for a pre-trial hearing.

Source: Biobiochile

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