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Sabrina Sosa reveals son’s delicate health with Claudio Valdivia: son ended up in clinic



The model reported on Monday that her son had health problems, adding that there was a collapse at the clinic upon arrival.

It’s been a difficult week Sabrina Sosa This is because their son, Gaspard, has health problems and is a result of their relationship with him. Claudio Valdivia. Minors were to visit the clinic with their mothers.

According to what was said by time Xa TV+ panelist exposed what happened through her Instagram story, showing that the child herself asked her to go to the doctor.

“Many viruses are spreading. And kids ask to go to the doctor because they feel really bad. “, Express.

In this sense, he added, in the Argentine model, the pediatric areas of health facilities have collapsed, making the situation even more difficult.

“The problem is that it’s crumbling and there are a lot of sick children. My friends wrote me that they were with sick boys, but I came here and the pediatrics part is falling apart,” she said.

“This is the start of the week, because I still have everything to do, so I need to reorganize and reposition myself to be able to do all the tasks. work too,” she concluded.

It should be noted that doctors and authorities have warned of an increase in illnesses from respiratory viruses and called for evacuation.

Without further ado, teachers’ colleges last week asked the government to bring forward the winter holidays to avoid a more pronounced increase in student numbers.

Source: Biobiochile

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