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“I’m not sad”: In the morning with you he tried to say goodbye to Eric Pohlhammer in poetry without tears



Driver Julio Cesar Rodriguez was unable to read a message on his screen dedicated to his friend Eric Polhammer. “One of his poems says, ‘Don’t go to my funeral with the face of a funeral. Go with the face of someone who goes to see the sea in a tour bus,'” he declared.

at the end “Morning with you” driver Julio Cesar Rodriguez Heartfelt Dedication to the Deceased Chilean Writer Eric Paul Hammer He passed away this Monday at the age of 68.

“Eric died young. Eric left us. And like the poet of joy, we cannot abandon him with sorrow. the entertainer commented that while clearly influenced by the news, he strives to follow one of the bard’s missions.

“His poem says, ‘Don’t go to my funeral with a funeral face.’ .I wrote a few small words to him InstagramBut comrades, I won’t be able to do that,” he said before his mobile phone was in someone else’s hands. Montserrat Alvarez and Roberto Cox who offered to read the text.

“I’ve always wondered what happiness is. The closest thing I know is telling pranks, inventing stories to make us laugh, and slow poetry to the tune of radio speakers.” I’ve had this image of you since I last saw you a few months ago,” Cox exclaimed.

“Despite the hardships that this tumor had already taken over you, you have made me laugh several times and have made me cry many times. I muttered firmly, “No, no, no, sir.” You demanded a smile and a hug, and it still is. We will forever love your silliness, tricks and immense talent. You baptized me Admaitis, and I immediately retorted to Flacchia Because complicity in conversation was something I valued as much as good phrases, well-placed words, a tender center, and definition to frame it,” he concludes.

Monserrat Alvarez, the host of Chilevición’s morning show, also spoke of the death of the poet’s author: “I saw Jesús Trepiana play” and famous “you” . “Hugs to Eric’s family. I also had the privilege of being a poet and being able to bring poetry to television. The world was divided many times,” he recalled.

And at the end of the show, Rodriguez remembered Paul Hammer’s favorite phrase. “Happiness of living… Goodbye again tomorrow”.

Source: Biobiochile

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