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Slovenian victory and recommendation at the 69th Rostrum Composer’s Tribune



In The Hague, the results of the 69th International Composers’ Tribune Rostrum, a unique forum for the radio exchange and evaluation of recordings of contemporary music, were announced, where the Slovenian composer Matic Romih celebrated. Larisa Vrhunc also achieved special success.

In the young category of composers under 30 years of age, this year’s composition received the most points The Card Players for string orchestra by the Slovenian composer Matica Romih, born in 1996. Starting this year, young composers will not receive a commission for a new work, but Matic Romih, who impressed the delegates, will therefore receive financial support as an incentive for further work. Song The Card Players comes from the picture Quartopirci baroque painter Almanac, whose motifs are playing cards, rejoicing, sociability and relaxation. The young composer tried to express all this in the work commissioned by the Chamber String Orchestra of the Slovenian Philharmonic for Sozvočje svet – Pictures from the Exhibition in collaboration with the composition department of the Academy of Music in Ljubljana.

The unique success of Slovenian music is that, at the same time, the work Larisa Vrhunc So quiet performed by the Symphony Orchestra of RTV Slovenia. The composition was created as part of the B-Air project, it was performed at several concerts for babies, toddlers, children with developmental disabilities, their parents and companions, and it was also performed in a classical concert context for an adult audience.

This year, the French composer’s Nuit works tied for the top spot in the general category Othman Louati and Jubelhemd of Sweden Lisa Streich – the latter received several of the highest marks, twelves, and will therefore receive an order for a new, larger orchestral composition.

In addition, the Rostrum held the election of a new chairman of the tribune, and in this position he succeeded the Swedish music producer Gregor Piršeditor of the Ars Program’s Serious Music Editorial Board.

On this year’s grandstand Rostrum thus repeated the extraordinary outcome for Slovenian music from 2015, when it celebrated in the youth category Matej Boninand he received a general recommendation Vito Žuraj.

You can hear a lot more about what’s happening in The Hague on the Ars program in the middle of the evening Ars art studio show.

Source: Rtvslo

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