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Who is in the running for this year’s firecracker award?



A month before the award ceremony, we traditionally got the five finalists

The nominees for the Kresnik Award are known. These are Lado Kralj with the novel Ne bom se mech sledal na bajer, Katja Gorečan with The Mother’s Booklet, Katarina Marinčič with The Woman with the Silver Eye, Dijana Matković with Why I Write and Tina Vrščaj with the work Na Klancu.

As is tradition, the winner will be announced exactly one month from now, on June 23 at Rožnik. The prize, awarded by the Delo newspaper, brings the winner or the winner also 7,000 euros.

The five finalists thus include the works of four labels, one of which is a debut.

Lado Kralj is posthumously nominated for the novel I won’t be skating anymore, which was published by the Beletrina publishing house. It goes back to Ljubljana, from the time of the Italian occupation to the 1950s, more specifically to Šiška, where the famous Jama Castle stands, which houses a convent of school sisters who run a girls’ boarding school. Ivan Knez, who works as a courier for Vosov, falls in love with Eva Verdonik, who is visiting her. The atmosphere is tense and the situation is dangerous, the record company wrote.

Debutant Katje Gorečan Mother’s booklet was published by LUD Literatura. Narrated by an unborn child, it is entirely devoted to first-trimester miscarriage. As Robert Kuret wrote in Delov’s Literary Papers, “it takes the reader deep into what Deleuze called the logic of feeling, where we lose the orientation of the narrative that would guide us through the events so that we could understand them in a cause-and-effect sequence”. The author finally gets out of the cycled time, leaving an open space for the reader.

Also The woman with the silver eye was published by the Beletrina publishing house. She is the author of a short novel or a long novella Katarina Marinčič called it her most autobiographical book to date: “Among other things, because the main character is a cyclist, and I don’t know how to ride a bike.” The protagonist Emil goes on a bicycle trip and decides to spend the night. He also meets an old woman with a basket of blueberries, but their conversation is interrupted by a storm. After that, he does not find the woman with the silver eye anymore, according to his description, none of the locals recognize her.

Why don’t I write Dijane Matković is a socially critical, autobiographical and sometimes essayistic novel published by Mladinski knjiga. In it, from various points of view, he slowly, layer by layer, exposes the systemic underprivileges of young people, immigrants and many other economically, socially or otherwise vulnerable layers of modern Slovenian society. “My duty is to point out the systemic errors that keep people in want, in poverty, because of which we have an epidemic of mental disorders, because we live completely unstable lives.” o says the author.

A novel On Klanc Tine Vrščaj was published by Cankarjeva lažija. As the critic Katja Šifkovič wrote, in it the author wonders what happens to those who stay. “The author is looking for untapped potential in the language of everyday life, and through it she managed to write an important story about a not-too-special life. The language is authentic, unadorned, subtle, but sharp. From the chaotic life that is destined for everyone, she extracted, purified and actualized the most important ones. Is it worth digging into yourself and figuring out who you are if the answer will change you?”

Kresnik’s jury consists of the president Igor Bratož and members Anja Mrak, Igor Žunković, Igor Divjak, Tanja Petrič and Robert Kuret. It will meet for the last time on June 23, when it will choose the winner of the 33rd edition of the award after a one-hour meeting in Cankarjeva soba in Rožnik.

Source: Rtvslo

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