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The Day of Love will reverberate across Slovenia for the 11th year



The evergreen composition of the band Ashes and blood “unites and does not separate”

Today, several places in Slovenia will join together in singing the song “Dan ljebji” by the band “Pepel in kri”. The idea to unite through songs was born eleven years ago.

A song by the band Ashes and blood, with which they are in 1975 in Sweden also performed at Eurovision, in Slovenia, according to the initiators, it became “a hymn of love that unites and does not separate“.

Eleventh year in a row they are to mass chanting of fake verses Dušan Velkavrh invite residents across the country.

According to the latest information, it will Day of love at 6 p.m. at more than 40 locations, and a total of more than 2,300 people will sing.

Sometimes it seems that we live in a society where common sense has lost reason. Where we waste time stupidly in front of screens that fill the mind with monotonous news. Where the system protects the wrong and the wrong represent the system,they are among other things, the petitioners wrote.

Invited they are to participate in the common singing and invited to participate in the singing, because “we humans need a point of common agreement to be human“.

Among the major events, they emphasize the concert of the Fran Kranjec Elementary School in Celje, which will be in music connected more than 400 people. In Ljubljana they are responded to the initiative, for example, in the School of Health Association in Šiška, and in Maribor in the Multigenerational center and Daily center activities for the elderly.

The first Day of love 11 years ago

On the first day of love 11 years ago, which they are Mrs organized on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Logatec Wind Orchestra Cultural Society, several thousand people sang, played they are different bands. Take the initiative they are namely, individuals as well as various schools, orchestras, groups, choirs and pensioners, as well as Slovenians abroad, responded.

Source: Rtvslo

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