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Boris A. Novak about Ven Taufer: He was always in solidarity with others, especially with people in need



At the farewell of the renowned poet, playwright and translator

“He was an open and warm character, always in solidarity with others, especially with people in need. Despite all his fearlessness, he always maintained a lady’s politeness and correctness.”

With these words Vein Taufer along with the writer’s reputation, he describes the poet and the writer Boris A. Novak.

In the note, he revived the memory of his collaboration with the deceased poet, playwright and translator and, among other things, drew attention to his role in the history of Slovenian poetry.

Prisoner of liberty

Taufer was one of the central contributors to groundbreaking literary publications Magazine 57 and Perspectives, reminds Novak. Z Gregor Strniš and Danet Zajce formed the three-leafed poetic clover of the generation that introduced existentialism and modernism into Slovenian culture and constantly came into conflict with the socialist authorities due to demands for freedom of artistic and political expression. The title of Taufer’s collection from 1963 is typical in this sense – Prisoner of liberty. In the mid-60s of the 20th century, Taufer radicalized poetic language and became one of the fathers of Slovenian poetry neo-avant-garde. Collection Exercises and assignments (1969) establishes a parodic attitude towards the Slovenian cultural tradition.

Taufer played an important role in the birth of Slovenian postmodernism Songbook of used words (1975), where the poet is based on well-known folk songs palimpsestically composed a new, modern poetic text, which despite all the modern sensibilities maintains a positive attitude towards cultural memory. Taufer’s collections also went down in the history of Slovenian poetry Driving nails and other songs (1979), Thirds for a beaten trumpet (1985), often translated Aquarius (1986) and other poetic works.

Taufer’s excellent translations, especially from English, also had a great influence on Slovenian poetic creativity (TS Eliot, W. Stevens, GM Hopkins, T. Hughes etc.). Taufer is established the Vilenica International Literary Festival, which contributed to its revival in the second half of the 1980s of the concept Central Europe, divided by the bloc division of the world.

A man of extraordinary ethical and civic courage

He drew attention to Taufer’s exceptional ethical and civic courage, which he displayed as the president of the Association of Slovenian Writers (DSP) and Slovenian of PEN. Commission for the protection of thought and writing that it is established and led at the DSP towards the end of the 80s, she also played a pioneering role in the protests that led to the independence of Slovenia; he was one of the co-authors Majniške declarations (1990).

Taufer was committed to the memory of his father, a fallen partisan, and at the same time he was a critical and freedom-loving spirit of cosmopolitan views, describes Taufer, who died at the age of 90.

“I learned a lot from him”

Novak is grateful to Taufer for decades of fruitful cooperation, for wise and always unobtrusive advice from an older, experienced artist and for many hours of wonderful, inspiring conversations, during which they also laughed a lot. He also learned a lot from him.

Source: Rtvslo

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