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‘Stop playing victim in intern’: Aranguiz says Valdivia offered money instead of going to PH



The former girl, Meccano, claimed her ex-husband left the weekend with the children to go on vacation to Panama with his partner.

1 week ago Daniela Aranguiz dedicated a heartfelt message to Jorge Valdivia After being hospitalized for a nervous breakdown. However, the truce appears to have ended.

While the situation of Mauricio Pinilla, who was also hospitalized due to stress, was discussed in the Zona de Estrellas programme, the rest of the team asked him about his ex-husband’s health.

“I read on one page that it looks like he’s in Panama. This weekend it was his turn to deal with the kids, yes. He’s vacationing with his girlfriend when he’s not with them.” You should go to ,” referring to Mayte Orsini.

“He told me he couldn’t be with the kids this weekend because he was sick and the medicine was making him sick,” she added.

Panelists said Valdivia will be on medical leave until Tuesday. “Have a good time, but be responsible (…) If you can’t take your kids to the supermarket, at least see them,” he stressed.

But the strongest will come later. “Jorge Valdivia, I believe that people have to take responsibility. Stop playing victim by interning ” was announced.

He concluded by saying, “Dads are good parents until they get away from their moms. I’m going to leave my mom there. I’ll give you that account.”

PH’s Daniella Aranguiz: “They told me Chin Chin I won’t go.”

about his controversial interview we can talk Daniela Aranguiz also said she had been asked not to attend by the Valdivian side in the case where Maite Orsini was accused of intervening to prevent her from attending.

“They asked me, they even offered me Chin Chin (money) don’t participate in the program. Now I will go and I will take everything, ”he said.

“All you watching, get ready, because soon I’ll be on PH and telling the truth about the most scandalous details of this soap opera,” he added.

Of course, he also issued a statement against Mayte Orsini. “So that we can find out who they voted for, and to debunk all these people who claim to be very honest… Now we have the evidence to debunk them.” I will,” he said.

Source: Biobiochile

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