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Prince Harry wanted police protection in Britain ─ a judge refused



Home Office: A bodyguard is not the same as guarding a football match

Prince Harry has failed to convince a court in London to grant him special protection from the London police when he is on the Island ─ for a fee.

When the younger son of the king Charles III. in 2020, he gave up his royal duties and moved to the US, thereby also losing his right to protection, which his lawyer has now challenged. Harry was prepared to pay for police protection out of his own pocket, but the judge has now dismissed the case after a hearing last week.

Home Office lawyers object conceptso that wealthy people, regardless of whether they are princes, would “buy” police protection.

Some cynics believe that Harry and his wife Meghan therefore hanging on the big bell “almost catastrophic escape” before paparazzi last week in New York to bolster the prince’s argument that protection is essential. And although the state automatically denied him protection after he officially ceased to be an active member of the royal family, Harry’s lawyers contested the decision, saying it was not followed due process.

Crab (The Executive Committee for the Protection of Public Figures and the Royal Family) has exceeded its authority and its authority because it does not have the authority to make this kind of decision in the first place.” Harry’s lawyer said outside court. As he pointed out, there are exceptions in the legislation that allow paid engagements of the police.

But the lawyers of the Ministry of the Interior answered him that the police officers who actually work like “bodyguards”, are not the same thing like increased police security for football matches. At the same time, they emphasized that it is Ravecov the board unanimously rejected Harry’s team’s proposal to pay for private security, saying they have an express policy against paying privately for police work because it sends a message to the public that the rich can buy security.

Source: Rtvslo

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