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Jennifer Lawrence rocked Cannes with flip flops on the red carpet



Oskarjevka changed her high heels for more comfortable shoes

Jennifer Lawrence prioritized comfort over looks on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival, teaming up with a glamorous tailored red Dior evening gown with just plain flip flops.

The 32-year-old Oscar winner walked the red carpet for the premiere of the French film Anatomy of a Fall, and though her footwear was received right some criticism, as the Cannes festival has a strict dress code that prohibits shoes without heels, but fashion critics praised her luxurious dress and diamond Dior necklace, which they said corresponded to French glamour.

Photo: Reuters

And although the actress, otherwise the face of fashion brand Dior, wore casual summer footwear for the premiere of Anatomy of a Fall, she wore red heels for the premiere of the documentary Bread and Roses on the same day.

The American star signed on as a producer for the documentary film about the life of Afghan women under the resurgence of the Taliban.

And although fashion critics were not exactly lenient with Jennifer’s clothes, many users of social networks praised the actress’ more relaxed approach.

“Jennifer is wearing FLIP flops! I love how she shows her midriff against the sexist dress code,” wrote one of the commenters on Instagram.

Jennifer Lawrence is not the first star who (willingly or unwittingly) stepped outside the strict shoe code at Cannes. In 2018, it is Kristen Stewart in protest against the decades-old rule, she kicked off her heels and walked the red carpet right barefoot.

In Cannes this year, they stood on the verge of too much colorful creations and, among other things, rejected a Vogue magazine reporter by Zach Weiss, who wore a garish orange outfit instead of sticking to black.

Source: Rtvslo

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