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Jennifer Lawrence didn’t tolerate heels and wore ‘chala’ at Cannes: Natalie Portman defended her



The festival has a strict dress code, requiring women to wear long dresses and heels.

jennifer lawrence He has always been one of Hollywood’s most spontaneous celebrities. And in Cannes, he showed it again when he walked with “Chara.”

The actress arrived at the premiere of her new movie, autumn anatomy , wearing a beautiful red silk crepe dress from Dior. But it wasn’t the design that got the attention, it was the footwear.

And while Lawrence didn’t condone heels throughout the event, he opted for them at the end of the event. Also known as rubber flip-flops, havaianas, flip-flops, flip-flops.

Due to the length of her dress, few people noticed her shoe choice, but she was found wearing them when she went downstairs.

Prior to Cannes, Jennifer Lawrence had already spoken out about using heels in 2018. “I’ve been lucky enough to spend most of my life not worrying too much about how I look. [Ahora] I love getting dressed up and getting blisters in uncomfortable shoes,” she joked to InStyle.

Natalie Portman supports Jennifer Lawrence at Cannes

Despite the fact that most of the public sympathized with the actress, they criticized her for the Cannes Film Festival’s strict dress code, which requires women to wear heels and haute couture suits. There were people too.

that was exactly the theme he dealt with natalie portman at his movie press conference May Decemberdirected by Todd Haynes.

During the panel discussion, the actresses discussed interpretations of femininity and the different ways women are expected to behave and look.

“Even here, This festival requires us women to behave differently than men. ” Said. “What should we look like and how should we behave?” he explained.

“Expectations are always different for you and influence your behavior, whether you believe it or deny it, or something in between,” he added. “You are definitely defined by the social structure around you.”

But Lawrence wasn’t the only one to flout the contest’s rules. In 2018, Kristen Stewart She ditched her Christian Louboutin heels and walked barefoot at the premiere of BlackKlansman.

“I feel like I can’t ask people that anymore. If you can’t ask men to wear heels and dresses, you can’t ask me either,” Princess Diana said at the time.

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