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‘The Day We First Connected’: The Love Story of Fernanda Urrejora and her Fiancee



The actress also clarified that they already have a donor to become mothers, but that they want to focus on their film projects for now.

Chilean actress Fernanda Urrejora he told a love story with his fiancée directed by Francisca Alegria, in addition to plans for the future as a couple.

Urrejora talks with Eduardo Fuentes on the show Goodnight everyone So midway through the conversation, Fuentes wanted to know how the actress and the filmmaker met.

“As everyone knows, I’ve had heterosexual relationships my whole life, I’ve been married, and the truth is, I met Fran in Los Angeles through a friend who was staying there. ” Urehora began to count.

The interpreter stated that her friend was staying at her house, and that “she called me one day and told me that Fran Alegría was there,” and that she could invite her over to her house. I affirmed that I asked. Urehora accepted it immediately.

The first day we were about 5 people at home and connected . We had very deep conversations and became very good friends, as if the rest of the world had disappeared,” Urrehola said with a faint smile.

Regarding that connection, the main character of this work black devil she denied. “That day, I knew we could be friends forever. It was a crush, an intense connection, and I said, “Yes, this relationship is forever.” ”.

However, despite their strong connection, Alegria had to continue her trip to the United States shortly thereafter, heading to Chicago, where she took some classes.

“She laughs because That day, I said to her, “If you live in Los Angeles, let’s live together.” . And when this crazy woman asked me to live with her for the second time, she told me about it,” Fernanda Urrejora recalled with a laugh.

Regarding the invitation, he said:for me it was very logical . Los Angeles is a very expensive city and I really felt the instant connection that the two of us could rent a more affluent apartment. I also planned to have a creative and nutritious space…for me, it was a very good idea. “

Another friend of mine likes me when she comes back from her trip. . I was like, ‘By all means, I have nothing to do,'” he said.

Regarding this, the actress confessed:To tell the truth, I never imagined that my relationship would end at that moment. she had an affair with a woman, and well, after getting to know her for a while, I started to get interested.

“At 35, for the first time, I asked myself who I was and if I was doing it the right way. She arrived just in time for me to open up possibilities. ” He also explained

In it, Uréjora admitted that she had been preparing for the wedding for years, but Fuentes wanted to know if she was thinking about having children.

Yes, I already have a donor.It’s a great pleasure for us . At some point we tried and it didn’t work. I think we weren’t a good fit with anonymous donors,” he said.

In any case, the actress assured that Although they are still focused on each other’s careers, However, “we are in the process, we’ll see how it goes, but it’s taking a little bit,” he said.

“I love her. We are a meek team. We are very different but complement each other very well,” he concluded.

Source: Biobiochile

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