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‘I don’t like it’: Montserrat Alvarez reaction after being rejected interviewee on CHV



There were two similar episodes on Tuesday morning after another interviewee turned down Roberto Cox and Alvarez in the middle of the live broadcast.

This Tuesday morning, in the middle of journalist Luis Ugalde’s live office, we had a special moment with you after being interviewed. He refused to greet the space’s organizer, Montserrat Alvarez.

And it is said that this expert also reacted to the behavior of the woman. Because a few hours earlier, another report on Ugarde said, Another interviewee would have complained about Robert Cox’s participation in this field.

Initially, just after 8 a.m., Ugalde was in La Vega and started talking to one of the buyers of the place.

Hello Julius Caesar. Also in Monse. Dude, too many robertos.” to which Ugalde said, “Don’t do that,” and walked away.

“It became heavy, it became an unpleasant atmosphere” replied journalist Julio Cesar Rodriguez.

“We want him here,” defended Alvarez, but Cox simply returned the greeting.

But the criticism continued hours later. Shortly after noon, Ugalde was covering traffic jams inspected on the highway.

So he finds a bus and decides to get on it and talk to some of the passengers. There, after speaking with several people who were late for class or work, a woman gestured to Ugalde.

“I would like to say hello to Mr. Julito.” Ugalde mentions the woman and regrets that the journalist was not on set.

“Julito is not in the studio right now. There is Montserrat. Send my regards to Monce. ” The expert replied:

“No, I don’t like Montserrat” The reporter burst into laughter.

“They don’t like Roberto or Montserrat… Today, the demands of the public have become very demanding. ” and argued professionally with humor.

today we were beaten He replied as Ugarte began to prepare to get out of the car.

This moment caught the attention of some users who shared the moment on their social networks. Those impasses likewise reminded me of what I had experienced earlier in the month. When another interviewee refused to greet Roberto Cox.

Source: Biobiochile

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