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150 people and a hot air balloon: Karol Lucero details what his marriage will look like



The couple dated for six years and got engaged in France last August.

Married life is getting shorter Karol Lucero plans to leave single life to formalize the relationship with him Francisca Virgil.

And apparently the communicator wants to throw the house out the window. 150 and 200 guests .

“It’s a balanced number. Yes, they’re going to be important to us and we know that,” he said. the latest news.

The bride and groom want their wedding to be held outdoors at sunset, giving way to an evening party. The location has yet to be determined, but “the vineyard has its advantages.”

Karol Lucero and her marriage surprise

But Karol, who has always stayed true to his style, said he wanted a big surprise. And his idea was to make the classic “newlyweds entrance” a hot air balloon.

“It’s what we want and what we feel is beautiful. From an audiovisual standpoint, it’s beautiful that videos and photos are memorable and something that no one has seen in a marriage.” he said.

The idea is to have multiple balloons. In addition to the bride and groom, there will be graphics documenting the wedding.

Karol Lucero is very open to this idea and doesn’t worry about unexpected events like rain or wind. “I can’t imagine a life without risk,” he said.

Remember, Karol announced his engagement to Francisca Virgilio last August and shared a part of the moment he proposed in Paris on social networks.

Source: Biobiochile

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