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‘I’m tired of calling him’: Dino Gordillo talks frustration after helping ‘friend’ Beto Cuevas



The comedian affirmed that the singer and his ex-wife Estella Mora are very close and still very much in love.

comedian Dino Gordillo he declassified the minor annoyance he had with the singer Beto Cuevas they were good friends.

“I have a lot of love, I love him very much, I love him and his wife dearly,” he began speaking of Estella Mora on Tarkual.

“I know when they were just starting out as a couple. We went to their house, they lived in Pedro de Valdivia and we were in a brotherly relationship.” He said.

In fact, he said many years ago Cuevas had to play at the Krakavi Festival and offered his land to stay there with the whole team.

“The night before we met at Alto Biobio and we were playing at Larco. And the next day he had to play here and I said to him, ‘Brother. , let’s do something, let’s go to my property (in Curacavi) at once,” he recalled.

Gordillo had to travel to another city for the show, so he called the people who had worked on his project to make sure they were taken care of.

“Go with the musicians, whoever you are, I’ll let you know. He went with his father, he went with the musicians, they were there all day, he rested and everything else.” ‘, he recalled.

As a good friend, Beto Cuevas called Dino Gordillo and thanked him for his kindness, but over time the two drifted apart.

When Cuevas returned home to join Chile, The Voice Gordillo tried to call him to meet again and reunite with his family.

“I got tired of calling him and asking him out.

“I am not mean, but I am sentimental. …” he concludes without finalizing the idea.

Source: Biobiochile

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