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‘Using sensationalist representation and prevalence’: Claudia Conserva’s series on fighting cancer criticized



The TV presenter’s documentary series has received mixed reactions to coverage of the project, to which the Chilean Association of Cancer Patients also wanted to take a stand.

The Association of Chilean Cancer Patients Organizations (ACHAGO) shared a press release about the documentary series by Claudia Conserva. Bravaguarantee it The company advocates an “editorial policy that exploits excessive dramatization, sensationalism and curiosity.”

The letter, which begins with a definition of what war is, emphasizes that the association’s activities are based on educating people about “.How to Talk Accurately, Carefully, and Compassionately About Cancer to People Fighting Cancer and their families. “

This means staying away from the stigma and “stereotyped narratives” that can emerge around cancer diagnosis.

“Each patient has the right to express and experience their illness with complete freedom.” they wrote But they also ensured that “another thing is that certain experiences and stories are disseminated on public television.”

In this regard, they argue that this type of story, like the Conserva series, “They can serve as coping models that include dangerous aspects.”

These are “messages that suggest that attitudes influence treatment outcomes. Or the speculation that people’s lifestyles are responsible for the development of the disease managing workload and emotions”.

“All this content will appear with an editorial statement that reads: It uses excessive dramatization, sensationalism and pathology.” they accused.

Likewise, the association has ensured that the media does not contain content that touches on cancer themes. It directly affects the perception of illness in society.

That’s why they reaffirm the importance of “”.Do not impose behaviors, attitudes or beliefs that are not supported by science “They overly demand the patient to maintain a ‘fighting posture’ and promise the healer to be ‘submissive’ to these demands.”

“Patients and families need more listening, support and space to discuss their feelings and affections without being judged as ‘negative’. They will deprive us of what society expects of us: a strong and stoic patient, an example of courage, a hero or a warrior, or both. ” they claim.


Similarly, they echoed Series’ defense, saying Conserva itself is being called upon to conduct tests on time to enable early diagnosis.

“Our experience and evidence give us the following insight. Frightening health campaigns (where the aim is to motivate prevention or early diagnosis) are not always successful. Because it has the paradoxical effect of rejecting messages and rejecting health recommendations,” they said.

On the other hand, they said, “While it seems very useful for us to have cancer visible, because further action by various social actors is needed, We ask that you take responsibility for this visualization , emphasizes citizenship education, respect for patients and their environment, and humanization in health. “

Source: Biobiochile

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