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‘I never saw him fight or argue’: Augusto Gongola’s high school classmate recalls his youth



A former schoolmate, a journalist, tried to recall a moment in his youth with Gongora, but said at the time, “He was talkative, unreserved, and one of the brightest on the course.” It pointed out.

Last Friday, the resignation of prominent journalist Augusto Gongola was announced. Various faces of television and culture have highlighted his achievements in thousands of lives.

But through social networks, not only are high school classmates, They shared a friendship over the years.

And in a story he admitted to being embarrassed to tell, he recalled: They shared the bench between the first half and the second half at the Liceo de Apricación.

“We formed a young friendship in the heat of being young and interested in this country, the people’s unity over the years and the Allende government. will continue to be,” he recalled on social networks.

In that branch he said:Even though we were far apart, we always maintained a friendship of great respect. We walked different paths, different professions, but each time we met we had time to remember our beloved Lyceum. ”

in a conversation with 7th page Burwart argued that: We were one of the first courses to enter secondary school . Our class was D in the second half of 3rd and 4th, that is, the letter course. They separated us by math and letters, but there was only one course for us in that course. “

“We had great teachers, and we had about 40 students in our excellent Application High School. Great teachers. We were all great friends, Augusto was a very good friend. ” he added.

As to how he was a research expert, Berwald asserted to Gongora:Was insipid to history and spanish Good for taking notes.

“We were pure men and therefore half savages (…) (Augusto) He was talkative, outspoken and one of the most colorful people on the course. . If you have a sister, Nika will take you home (sic), ”he recalled with humor.

he also pointed out “I never saw him fight or argue excessively.” . He commented the same on his own social networks at the time, saying, “One of the things I will always remember about Augusto is Friendly and thoughtful service never explode. “

You can read the full interview below 7th page.

Source: Biobiochile

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