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Braveheart actress Sophie Marceau admits she’s ‘sapiosexual’: what does it mean?



The French actress had never mentioned her personal life before, but this time she was surprised by her tastes, which she apparently shares with Marilyn Monroe.

French actress Sophie Marceau Grabbing headlines all over the world after revealing that he was. sapiosexual In other words, you are more attracted to intellect, culture, and charisma than physical things.

The actress who played Corazon Valiente confessed in a newspaper interview releasein which he published his second book of poems, stories and fables, La Souterraine.

Marceau has always been secretive about her personal life and not much is known about her partner, so it was strange that she made such a confession.

Sapiosexuality: Intelligence Above All

To many it may seem like a new “trend”, but in reality it’s a preference that has been around for a long time. Some speculate that Marilyn Monroe also belonged to this group.

The concept started being used in 2010, but the same words describe its meaning.Sapiosexuality is a combination of Latin etymology Sapio means “to know, to know, to understand” in relation to sexuality.

Both conquest and attraction to individuals are directly relevant here. stimulation of their minds something logical, given that the main erotic and sexual organ above the skin is the brain.

A few years ago, social psychologist Francisco Villagran, who specializes in assessment and diagnosis, explained: bio bio chili “Sapiosexuals are individuals who are aroused through conversations about topics of interest and who escape the latent superficiality of modern life.”

“They subconsciously believe that there are people who inspire them intellectually. It also offers better security and stability. So these types of values ​​will become part of the non-negotiable values ​​when choosing your next life partner,” he said.

Psychosexologist Chantal Bachelet-Pruneau, writing for South Florida State University, said that for sapiosexuals, “it’s all about the intelligence of the heart and the effort to communicate that a relationship is possible.”

In other words, “It’s a symbiosis between mind, body and mind.” physical attractiveness ranks second.

sapiosexual. sexual orientation?

It should be noted that sapiosexuality is more related to attraction than sexual orientation.

Sapiosexuality is also being studied by science. In fact, in 2018 a psychologist at the University of Western Australia described these people as:Individuals who consider a high level of intelligence (IQ) to be the most sexually attractive characteristic of humans. ”

According to a study conducted on 383 people with an average age of 25 years, “On average, those at the 90th percentile of intelligence (IQ ≈ 120) were rated as most sexually attractive and most desirable as long-term partners.” ”.

However, 8.1% and 1.3% of the sample preferred people in the top two ranges of intellectual level.

The study also found that “sapiosexuality may be a true psychological construct, but it appears to be influenced by non-intellectual factors,” the experts said.

Film and TV characters that sapiosexuals like include: Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter stories. Leonard Hofstadter, from The Big Bang: His Theory. Or Spencer Reed in “Criminal Minds.”

Source: Biobiochile

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