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‘We’re not the same anymore’: Vanessa Borghi and her daughter’s shocking post-departure message



The model, who was six months pregnant, said she was “disappointed, hurt and very sad,” writing on social networks that she felt sorry for the loss of her baby.

Model and entertainer Vanessa Borghi has been having a rough time after reporting the death of her six-month-pregnant daughter Clara over the weekend. So this Tuesday, her model shared her heartfelt reflections on the grief in her own life.

“No one is an expert on your pain” began with a photo of him with his partner, engineer Carlos Garces.

“These have been very difficult days and will continue to be. I feel a lot of pain, suffering and sorrow… To find peace in the midst of pain, I ask myself many unanswered questions, some of which I invent myself,” he confessed.

Similarly, he states: Partly, it puts us at ease, at least for a while.” .

In it, she affirmed that she and Garce are sending their condolences in different ways: “But the feeling is one, we are family, We try to support each other with hugs, caresses, kisses and silent stares I’m trying to understand why.

“Sometimes we feel like our most beautiful dreams and aspirations have disappeared, but in other ways they are still there. We are and will continue to be parents. It’s just painful to accept that our chubby Clara is physically gone,” he explained.

Yuan Morande and company He also appreciates the “expression of love, the support they have given us, the feeling that we are not alone, and that many families are going through the same thing (…)”. I said thank you. I hope no one ever has to go through an experience like this.” .

“We have read each and every one of your messages and they are all written with respect and the experience they have lived. To understand that it is not only a physical loss, but a loss of life projects and illusions. ” he added.

In that branch Borghi continued: Don’t let pregnancy and perinatal grief go unseen It is important for us to validate pain and recognize loss in order to move forward. “

Little by little we smile back and move on, but we’re not the same anymore you came to change our lives,” he concluded.

Source: Biobiochile

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