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‘Filled with Dad’s work’: Juan Pablo Queralto and his wife’s family routine while on tour



The journalist asserted that this was the first time Fran Sphere left home to fully devote herself to herself and her career since becoming a mother.

In addition to all his projects with Sabingo and Tilapia de Hogar, journalist Juan Pablo Queralto is not only busy with his work, but also with his family. After his wife, Francisca Spheil, went on tour, he was entrusted with the care of the children.

in a conversation with bio bio chili keralt “Watching my wife grow professionally was filling,” he said. Today he is touring Bolivia with the album. ”

Specifically, Fran Sphere traveled to Bolivia to promote new songs bet on yourself todayKeralt emphasizes this behavior because it is the first time Spheil has been away from her family for such a long time because of her profession since becoming a mother.

The communicator laughed and claimed that this is now the case. “It’s totally daddy’s job. I take the kids to school, pick them up, go here[CHV channel]and come back… I run a lot.” .

“He’s super rich because he’s also I live with my schedule sometimes getting in the way because of the obvious downside. . Yet today I feel that peace, It is a facility where you can stay with your children and stay with your family. ” he explained.

He also claimed that Sphere left the country last Tuesday and will return this Wednesday. “there andHe has performed his songs on the stars and Bolivian programs. ‘, he explained.

“This is the first time that she, who is already a mother, has been away from home for a week and devoted herself to her. bet on yourself today, it has a lot to do with what she’s betting on. She’s also betting on her professional career. On TV+, she has a show called no faultit also mixes with the music,” he said.

I respect my wife’s work and Fran respects mine very much. . I think it will give us strength as a couple and professionally as well. I am very upset and very upset for our family, but I think that is the most beautiful thing,” he continued.

In the department, he reiterates, “If my family is doing well, so will everything else in the future.”

Source: Biobiochile

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