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Vesta Lag breaks down in tears after being ridiculed for half-empty show at Movistar Arena: video released



The singer “opened” for Emilia in front of a small audience at the Movistar Arena, causing people to make fun of her.

It was May 19th last year. Vesta Rag Argentina’s Emilia should have “opened” the show at the Movistar Arena. The truth is that the concert had almost no audience, which led to ridicule of the singer on social networks.

I won’t say more, but a video recently went viral on TikTok, with participants laughing at the Chilean-Canadian artist.

“The opening act is about to start, but the seats are full. Never before have so many people gathered here at Movistar.” The man said so sarcastically while mocking his companions.

Vesta Rag’s response to tiktoker

With this in mind, Vesta Lugg decided to publish a response on the same social network. During the recording, the artist broke down in tears while being watched by the staff.

“This was one of my first shows, so it was very heavy. It was a show that I was proud of, but there were very few people. ” said at the beginning.

“Everyone was making fun of me for not having many people.” (…) It’s hard to be a singer, to start something you don’t know and change course at 28,” he added.


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Finally, she went to meet the person who circulated the video in person in the last few hours, hinting that the situation affected her.

“Let’s celebrate courage instead of destroying it. I don’t think the person who made that video meant to make me cry (…) I do not advise you to make fun of other people’s courage.” concluded.

Source: Biobiochile

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