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‘Moon Camp’ and Rover Travel: Crater Heroes and Film Prep



The main characters told some of their experiences during the preparation of the tape. There they play five friends who explore the lunar surface.

Streaming platform Disney+ launched this month craterhis new take on science fiction Five friends from the future where humans live on the moon and other planets.

Specifically, the center of the story is Caleb Channing (Isaiah Russell-Bailey). He ended up growing up in a moon mining colony . However, after her father’s death, he is told to move to another planet.

As she prepares to see her life changed forever, she realizes what her father always dreamed of. Explore the moon’s mysterious and mysterious craters, So he decides that this will be his last adventure with his friends.

So, The group decides to steal a vehicle in order to reach and explore land far from the colony.

Preparing for the tape was not only about learning the history of the main character of the tape. Because they had the big task of mimicking the gravity of space.

At a press conference, bio bio chili was present, the five protagonists assured that preparations began with Zoom, but it all began with the teachings of one astronomer. He explained everything that happened on the moon and how to behave on the moon.

But that was not all. According to Russell Bailey, in addition to theoretical teachings and the thousands of images they have seen, “Moon Camp” was added, and everyone spent six weeks getting ready.

We got spacesuits, props, and lots of training to do harness stunts . For example, in those four weeks, we worked with the Legacy team to build a spacesuit to make sure it looked authentic, functional, and as realistic as possible,” he explained. .

The department declared that its mission was to “look like a real astronaut and act like a real astronaut in low gravity.” Most of it was harness work. Everyone helped make our walk look as realistic as possible. ” .

In addition to camping, they even remembered the following, so the adventure didn’t end there. A group of friends performed inside a real probe – a space probe .

“The truth is that we couldn’t touch anything in it Besides there were tons of snacks in it,” commented Russell Bailey with a laugh.

Meanwhile, partner Thomas Boyce, who plays Marcus on the tape, emphasized:Unfortunately the seats in the rover weren’t very comfortable . There weren’t many fillers. I wish it was some sort of reclining seat in the back. “

Source: Biobiochile

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