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Neme questions Tonka’s trip to southern Chile in new lawsuit against Parivedo ‘It’s strange’



The entertainer spoke out on the lawsuit against Palivedo, pointing out Tomic’s recent trips.

It was last Monday that it became known that SII had filed a complaint. Marco Antonio Lopez 24 other people involved in illegal trade related to the watch incident.In that sense, in the morning Jose Antonio Neme asked Tonka Tomicic. Now a former partner of a spiritual leader.

In this context, the animator nice to meet you A correspondent pointed to a recent solo trip to Carretera Austral.

“Something very interesting happens here. I don’t want to say it on purpose, but the people are wise and they will understand what I mean,” he said.

“If the Internal Revenue Service is pursuing your partner, there is also suspicion of conspiracy and customs fraud. A couple managing your career. rice field. It’s strange that he decided to travel to such a remote area when the relationship had ended. Everything is very cinematic,” he added.

The Journey of Neme and Tonka Tomicic

Finally, the Mega news face pointed out that, in her opinion, the model’s trip to the south of the country was overly publicized.

“She’s kept her private life a lot more private than it should be, but she wants to show off this trip. She wants to say, “Look, I have nothing to do with this issue. I am physically, materially, and legally far from it.” concluded.

Mr Parivedo is currently indicted on charges of illegal association, customs receipts and tax crimes. He now remains on national roots precautions.

Last February, the PDI raided the house where the couple had lived for several years. It was within the framework of the Lilojes case investigation.

Source: Biobiochile

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