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‘Time Travel?’: According to the director, it’s something you’ll never see in ‘Fast and Furious 11’



Following criticism of the space scene in Part 9 of the Fast and Furious saga, the director of Fast and Furious and future Fast and Furious 11 said: The tape also sets the end of the story). On the tape, all he can do now is go to space, but he plans to leave his car on Earth, so that won’t happen.

Louis Leterrier recently released film director “Fast X” mentioned the historical limits of “”.fast and furious 11 ”, and clarified what kind of scenes he will not do in the work that should be the final episode of the story.

At the time of sale, “fast and furious 10 was the second highest-grossing film at the box office, behind Super Mario Bros., with $318.9 million worldwide.

travel through time? Things you’ll never see in Fast and Furious 11

After reaching a higher level with each new film compared to scenes that are unbelievable in real life, the “Fast and Furious” saga has been riddled with criticism, even from fans.

About this, his latest work (“Fast X” ) warned us long before the premiere that this chapter (the beginning of the end) was going to be a bit of a throwback and leave the car on the ground.

And then it hits the tapes as we relive the memorable secret race on the streets of Brazil in a full-blown epic rivalry between Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and a new twisted villain. is ready. Dante Reyes (Jason Momoa).

Well, in an interview entertainment weekly, Leterrier Confirming his statement, he clarified the second part of this imminent end:“Furious 11” ), the most he could do would be time travel, something happening and cars chasing you on the ground.

“What can we do? Go back in time?” the director wondered. “There was nothing more I could do.

‘Fast X’ is a box office hit

according to hollywood reporter, “Fast X” It grossed $67.5 million at the North American premiere, and $251.4 million at international theaters.

With a total worldwide opening of $318.9 million, it was the second highest debut of the year after “Super Mario Bros.” ($377 million).

Thus, the first part of the end of the story is “fast and furious” For now 5th highest box office World wide.

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