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Hippolyto Cardenas’ death sparked a wave of reactions from Hijos del Desierto’s supporters



The melodrama depicted the death of a person who went from being “hated” to “beloved” by his followers.

A new chapter of the soap opera began this Tuesday night Children of the desert, showed Death of Hippolyto Cardenas (Rodrigo Soto) at the hands of Eloy Zapata (Roberto Farias).

As seen in the fiction, the former governor of Valparaiso was ambushed by the criminal and his gang at night on his way to a meeting with Pedro Ramirez.

Thus Zapata struck the man on the head and sent him to a hideout. There he ties him to a chair and sprinkles him with water to wake him up.

After insulting each other, one of the villain’s assistants executes him at gunpoint. However, Cardenas demands that Eloy kill him.

Finally, the character Farias is the one who pulls the trigger and ends the life of one of the most bombastic characters in soap operas: a politician.

It was Antonia Williams (Paola Volpato) who demanded Cardenas’ murder, and it should be noted that she handled a lot of information about the family. Zapata agreed to carry out the “work” in exchange for “spending the night with her.”

Cardenas’ death caused repercussions

Despite being considered a villain, the death of Rodrigo Soto’s character provoked a lot of reactions from his followers, assuring that “they fell in love with the guy.”

Without going any further, in the final chapter Cardenas begins a relationship with Esther (Francisca Gavilan), who is in a mental hospital.

Source: Biobiochile

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