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As part of the May cycle, the City of Women invites the community to art



The cycle will end with the performance Everything is OK

Until May 26, the City of Women is organizing the May Cycle, which will take place in the Cultural Center of the Spanish Fighters. The assembly will connect artistic productions created on the basis of reflections and practice of community art.

On Monday Mrs it is introduced by the play No one whistles anymore from workshops led by a dancer Vite Osojnik and directors Brian Klampfer.

Show it is formed within the framework of a three-year European development project Acting out sex. With the thought that it is with the language of dance, it is possible to put yourself in the shoes of another and to understand different gender identities, are female participants and participants aged 19 to 83, through performative, dance, movement and physical practice researched the role of social genders in heteronormative to society.

Performative travelAn exhibition was also opened as part of the cycle Decoding resistancewhich it is the final stop of the performative journey they designed Samar Zughool, Behnaz Aliesfahanipour, Safa Saad and Sammar Al Kerawe.

From the exhibition Decoding Resilience.  Photo: Safa Saad

Samar, Behnaz and Samaar cleaned the shoes of passers-by at various locations in Slovenia, Safa well it is was in the role of an observer. During the performative act of cleaning, the artists are the owners and shoe owners asked about the role of integration and the knowledge of the Slovenian language for all those persons who have the status of a foreigner in Slovenia or are otherwise faced with the role of a foreigner in Slovenia, they wrote at the City of Women.

About community (participatory) artistic practicesToday at 5 p.m. they are preparing a round table with an international exchange of experiences on community (participatory) artistic practices. The first part of the day-long event, which will be closed to the public, will be dedicated to sharing the experiences of past participants and ongoing community art projects of the City of Women: The Politics of Touch, Decoding Resilience, Women About Women, Everything it is fine and Gender Performance – Dancing in Your Shoes.

In the second part, which it is open to the public, producers of community art projects from various organizations will discuss conundrums and the joys of artistic co-creation. In doing so, they will draw on specific cases within their organizations and will also address issues and dilemmas that will be in the closed part of the event pointed out participating in community art projects of the City of Women.

They participate in it Alma Selimović, Hannah Robertshaw and Kirsty Redhead and Sophie Hopeshe will connect him Tea Thank you.

In the performance of Everything is OK, the students discuss topics that also touch on the official and covert school curriculum.  Photo: Nada Žgank

The cycle will end with a performance Everything it is finewhich it is formed in cooperation with the Ljubljana Puppet Theater under mentorship Nataša Živković and Sara Šabec.

“A play about plays about school”Schoolgirls and the students selected in the audition are in a year of school closures and of public life during February and October 2021 up close and remotely researched the institution of the school. They were interested in the established school order and his influence on growing up, and above all the question of what it is ok at school and what not. It is a play about school, or rather “a play about plays about school, which speaks from the perspective of young people embedded in the school system here and now,” they wrote.

Schoolgirls and in the performance, the students discuss topics that touch on the official and hidden school curriculum, interpersonal relationships and hierarchies in classrooms and in the corridors, but not least also of educational reforms in Slovenia.

Source: Rtvslo

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