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Daniela Aranguiz has been criticized for posting offensive personal images of Jorge Valdivia.



The ex-model blamed her ex-husband’s jugular vein after Valdivia wrote to Aranguiz, “You need dignity too.”

war between Daniela Aranguiz and Jorge Valdivia When a former football player who refused to give a truce left a message on Instagram that his ex-wife “lacks dignity,” the former model responded by posting offensive images.

I need dignity and I know that falling in love is rich‘, Valdivia wrote Tuesday night, after alleging that former girl Meccano offered him money for not giving an interview. we can talk And in the Zona de Estrellas I said to him, ‘Stop playing the victim in the hospital.’

That same night, Aranguiz decided to take revenge and released images believed to be screenshots of conversations with a rumored couple from Valdivia. Mayte Orsini , and with the same player. Are you talking about dignity? Look at the date,” she wrote on her Instagram story captured by the portal. infamous.

Images and January 11: Aranguiz vs. Valdivia

The image shows the name of the WhatsApp chat. “Mayte Orsini New” . It read: “He got off the plane and went to my house. Same day. said.”

Under the same photo you can also see another chat with the name: Jorge . The phrase “hello love” can be found in conversations on January 11th.

But that’s not all. Arangis also shared photos of women’s personal belongings.

BioBioChile has withheld the image out of respect.

Through social networks, Aranguiz’s actions were heavily criticized for exposing another woman’s privacy.

“I’ve seen some crazy bad ex-lovers, but Daniela Aranguiz is beyond every level of meanness.” “When she thinks Daniela Aranguiz can’t go any lower. Yes, she can anytime.” ‘ message is displayed.

Three months of controversy

Recall that rumors of an Orsini-Valdivia romance began in late February when Aranguiz went on an Instagram Live to assert that her ex-husband was having an affair with the Vice President.

At the time, the player said his romance with Orsini and Aranguiz began when he was trying to resume their relationship.

“I’m not here to hide this, much less think that he could be like his lover. I’m not going to put up with it. “That’s the biggest insult I’ve had in my life,” he said.

A Zona de Estrella panelist also said he had spoken to parliamentarians and assured them that Mr Jorge was also lying.

“I spoke to her on WhatsApp and said ‘I’m never going back to him’ because I was the one who ended the relationship because he cheated on me again. I thought I had changed because he gave me Super Engulpida,” he said.

“He told me I lied to him as well. When I was in the US with him and was returning home, he told her[…]I didn’t know Orsini was dating Jorge, but I swear,” he concluded.

Source: Biobiochile

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