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“We are still doing well on the ground to convince people of the concern for the preservation of cultural monuments”



Protecting Ptuj’s cultural heritage requires more expensive investments. Where to find a solution?

Since in the past it was considered that the ZVKDS was on one side of all investments in Ptuj, while the municipality and other investors, including private property owners, were on the other, the Ptuj municipality decided to prepare a public tribune where opinions were confronted.

Property owners are located in the old city center and also in the areas of known important ancient Roman sites Petovie due to the protection of cultural heritage, they face additional costs and certain problems during renovations and construction interventions. The Monument Protection Service, on the other hand, emphasizes the importance of heritage protection for the development of cultural tourism.

On the podium, city councilors, representatives of the city municipality, municipal institutions and citizens warned, Yes with the need to protect cultural heritage, one must also understand the fact that Yes times change and people’s needs are different, like were thousands of years ago.

“Although we protect heritage, we still have to keep up with the times,” said the city councilman Allen Olive tree, who pointed out the imposition of some unreasonable conditions. Property owners are also dissatisfied with the ban on the use of new construction materials in building renovations, as they are not allowed to use new insulating materials, and the type of windows, doors and roofing is prescribed.

A former saint Janez Rozmarin reminded the residents of the problems along Mariborska cesta, where they are almost not allowed to dig due to archaeological remains, but if they decide to do so, every investment into a gas pipeline, telecommunications or optical network cheaper than the cost of archaeological research.

Mayor: The municipality has nowhere to take the money for thisThe mayor also agreed to this Nuška Gajšek, who does not understand the insistence on archaeological excavations on the mentioned road, where there have already been some excavations in the past and all the communal infrastructure already exists. In doing so, she stated, Yes would them the archeology alone on the approximately 1.7 kilometer long section where the construction of the meteor channel is planned cost approximately 3.7 million euros, and the work would take as long as two years. “The municipality has nowhere to take this money, and two years of digging would make everyday life difficult for the residents,” she emphasized.

Archaeologist Andrej Magdic from the Maribor branch of the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage said, Yes there are very important archaeological remains there. Among other things, the remains of the former luxury buildings of officials of the Roman Empire were discovered. According to him, this was already known at the end of the 19th century, but after the end of World War II, Ptuj decided to Yes will change the land from agricultural to buildable areas.

The mayor, Nuška Gajšek, warned that the state does not allocate enough money for such projects, so the authorities will be called upon to provide a system resource not only for the maintenance, but also for the restoration of cultural monuments.  Photo: BoBo

According to the norms of civilization that apply in the EU, it is forbidden to destroy archaeological finds.“Therefore, the archaeological site was there earlier, before people built houses in this area, so according to the protection regime and some civilizational norm that applies in the EU, it is forbidden to destroy archaeological finds. If them already removed for reasons of public or private interest, this must be done in a way that Yes first of all, an archaeological survey is carried out to find out what is actually on a piece of land,” he said.

The head of the Maribor branch emphasized that ZVKD is a professional institution that only helps in the protection of cultural heritage, while legislation and decrees are written by others Lucky Steinbacher. He recalled Yes is the current municipal decree, which regulates the mentioned issue, from 1989, and the expert basis for the renewal of the decree prepared in 2006 Yes have ended up in drawers, while in at least 50 out of a total of 80 municipalities that them covered by the Maribor branch, the decrees have already been renewed with more modern protection regimes.

Mayor Gajšek thinks Yes it is therefore so because fear has taken hold, Yes the conditions will be further tightened with the new decree and Yes it will be even more difficult to tamper with facilities. Both confirmed Yes they just agreed at the last meeting, Yes will prepare new professional bases, since things have changed significantly since 2006, when they were preparing the draft.

Archaeological excavations in the area of ​​the Ptuj market.  Photo: Borut Slokan

“We expect the document to be prepared within a year. I urge the owners, should they give us an insight into the objects, as this is the only way we can fully decide whether it is a cultural monument. Facilities that have this status can apply for tenders from the Ministry of Culture when they undertake renovations. he said Steibacher. He added, Yes the problem of lack of money always arises during renovations.

According to him, he anticipated the penultimate tender everything six million euros for two years for the entire country, and this year’s is 4.5 million euros. “There’s not much we can do about it and I can say, Yes we still hold our ground well, Yes we convince people to care about the preservation of cultural monuments,” he said, pointing out that Yes even this money was not fully utilized, as the investors could not guarantee their share.

Everything is ready for the renovation of the town hallThe mayor said Yes the municipality also faces many challenges. For the first time, European funds for cultural heritage will also be available, with which the municipality hopes to restore the town hall, which is a monument of national importance and, due to its current state, requires rapid restoration. The municipality has already received a building permit for the mentioned project, and it will be co-financed from the funds CTNand it is estimated at two million euros.

It is necessary to provide a system resource for the restoration of cultural monuments“Unfortunately, the state does not allocate enough money for such projects, so we will competent invited to providing a system resource not only for the maintenance, but also for the restoration of cultural monuments. We should talk about one as soon as possible fund of money, which will be higher than 30 million euros annually,” emphasizes the mayor.

Source: Rtvslo

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