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Pep Guardiola makes cameo with commentary in ‘Ted Lasso’ that took social networks by storm



In Ted Lasso’s penultimate episode, fans of the series went wild with Pep Guardiola’s special participation in the match between AFC Richmond’s ‘Greyhounds’ and Manchester City’s ‘Citizens’.

Social networks announced this match as the match of the day as the AFC Richmond team was set to face the Almighty team as there was no other way to classify it. city ​​of manchester. In other words, a match between Ted Lasso’s club and Josep Guardiola’s Manclianos.

The “Galgoth” club is fictional, but the penultimate chapter of the series. ted lasso fans raved about the participation of the Catalan coach.

Recall that the series won two Emmy Awards for Best Comedy Series for its first and second seasons.

Additionally, the show has won 11 Emmy Awards, including two for Best Comedy Actor for Jason Sudeikis, two for Best Supporting Actor for Brett Goldstein and Best Supporting Actor for Hannah Waddingham. She has won an award for Best Actress.

How was Pep Guardiola’s cameo in Ted Lasso?

The mustachioed DT thus had a special encounter with Guardiola, who played himself for a few minutes in the crucial match that would determine whether Rebecca Welton’s side could challenge the Premier League leaders.

“Whether we win or lose, it doesn’t matter. I help my players to be at their best on and off the pitch,” said Guardiola. Lasso, on the other hand, claims he agrees with Spain’s sporting philosophy.

The match was also made real on Twitter, as the nation’s official account released a memorable tweet promoting the day’s “match day.”

This Wednesday, May 31, is set to be the final chapter of the series, and the main character told Deadline of the possibility of producing a Ted Russo spin-off series. “When you do something you never know what’s going to happen, so it’s really nice that people consider that. Even if it’s a different track, the fact that people want more is great.” That’s it.”

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