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‘It was very painful’: Nicole Gaultier leaves Aki se Baira due to complicated illness



Dancer asserted that she “had to take medication almost every time she appeared on the show” to deal with the pain.

On Tuesday night, Nicole Gaultier announced her resignation from the show here you dance For health reasons, After she was diagnosed with Tietze syndrome.

First, Gaultier and his partner Felipe Romain appear on stage Dance to Celine Dion’s version Rivers are deep, mountains are high.

Thus, at the end of his choreography, space conductor Sergio Lagos said: I wanted to hear about Gaultier’s absence in the previous chapter. when his partner mentioned his ex, switch He had a “booked diagnosis.”

I’m fine, I’m on medication . I would like to talk about diagnosis. Felipe always knew,” he began, at the same time promising that he would bring medical papers to prove his situation.

“I have Tietze Syndrome, a disease in which all the cartilage that connects the ribs is inflamed. It started on one side, now it’s on both sides. ” he explained.

Of the disease, Gaultier said, “Treatment takes a very long time, It hurt so much. I had to take medicine almost every time I appeared on the show. ” .

He then pointed out This is the same treatment, so you have to leave the space .

this is my last dance . The treatment will be very long and if this condition continues it will get worse so unfortunately I will have to withdraw from competition,” she said, bursting into tears while hugging her partner.

After a few seconds, he wiped away his tears and continued. I would especially like to thank Christel , was the first person to approach me from the first moment and say ‘I can help you’. “

“Unfortunately I will be away from the competition, I want to do more, so I have to keep trying to improve myself. ” progress.

i wish i knew this sooner you gave me a hug before, but I’ll give it anyway,” Lagos said in response, shortly after hearing the judges themselves regretting the contestants’ exit.

according to mayo clinicTietze syndrome Consisting of pain with swelling of the cartilage that connects the ribs to the sternum . These pains may spread to the arm or shoulder.

Tietze syndrome occurs in adolescents and young adults. Equal frequency between men and women .

Source: Biobiochile

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