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‘Kiss, darling’: A special meeting at the office with Lépenning and Michelle Adam’s partner



It all happened while Lepenning was walking near the canal. The meteorologist explained that the encounter happened because her partner wanted to go look for her at her stoplight.

Journalist José Luis Repenning held a spontaneous meeting in the middle of his field office When he met Marcelo Ortiz, partner of meteorologist Michelle Adam, in the middle of the street.

The moment happened early in the morning. your dayjournalists I decided to go out near the canal to distribute the finished product. Full time.

So while Priscilla Vargas was showing some messages from viewers, Repening called the studio. “Hey, look who you met.” said the communicator, standing next to Ortiz, who was driving the car.

“It’s Marcelo, hey Michelle, your Marcelo is on TV!” Vargas yelled on set, looking around with Adam. Ortiz greeted the camera with a smile.

In it, Repening suggests “Italian” to Ortiz and they have a short conversation. “Nice to meet you, Don Marcelo!” I hear the pro say, then “There’s Michelle. Send her her love.”

In it, the camera focuses on Adam, who was behind the cameraman. After being summoned by Vargas, she gestures to explain that she must go. . Either way, he wanted to explain what happened on screen.

“I had to go, so I took off the mic. if he comes looking for me explained the meteorologist.

“Gentleman Marcelo, gentleman,” said Repenning.

“Kiss my love” Then Adam says, looking at his partner on the screen, saying goodbye to the universe.

In 2018, Adam told Pola Magazine that he had met another person after starting divorce proceedings from his previous marriage. months later, He acknowledged his relationship with Ortiz.

The meteorologist joined To Dia in March of this year after deciding to move from Mega to Channel 13 to lead weather information alongside Gianfranco Marcone. That is why professionals participate in timevarious Teresateen And the signal in the morning.

Source: Biobiochile

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